SkyPanel X - soft light experience


Choose your
soft light LED panel solution 
with SkyPanel X

Continue your established SkyPanel practices via the S60 Adapter, or streamline with the simplified X21 Dome workflow.

  • Maximized brightness with enhanced output, beautiful shadow quality, and a wide beam spread
  • Experience unparalleled color precision across a 1,500 K - 20,000 K CCT range
  • Benefit from flicker-free, high resolution, superior low-end dimming
  • Configure SkyPanel X as an X21, X22, or X23 for wide-aperture soft lighting
  • Take advantage of 8 individually-controllable pixel zones per single unit for diverse texturized effects
  • Use existing SkyPanel S60-C accessories on SkyPanel X with the optional S60 Adapter
230908_ARRI_Stardust_Softlight_X21_Dome_Harlon_V1_UHD_cinemascope_H264_Rec709_24p_silent (1)
230908_ARRI_Stardust_Softlight_X21_Dome_Harlon_V1_UHD_cinemascope_H264_Rec709_24p_silent (1)
The X21 Dome:
easily mount on X21
for a simple, high-quality diffusion

The X21 Dome is a simple, high-quality diffuser that can be easily mounted and detached from the X21 lamphead. This convenient tool is included with every X21 luminaire and is fully compatible with third-party accessories such as DoPchoice's SNAPBOX® SNOOT, SNAPBAG®, and SNAPGRID®.

More about X21 Dome

The S60 Adapter


Exact counterpart of the S60-C:  accommodates all S60-C accessories.

The optional S60 Adapter serves as an exact counterpart to the front of the SkyPanel S60-C. Once mounted on the new SkyPanel X21, it accommodates all S60-C accessories. Consequently, established SkyPanel workflows remain unchanged, and are enhanced by the incorporation of the most recent lighting innovations.

Explore S60 Adapter

“I'm impressed with this new SkyPanel X. It's slick, powerful, sturdy, and built to last - soft light, or hard with a quick adjustment. It's a fantastic addition to the arsenal of ARRI lights and products.“

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Harlon Haveland

Gaffer, United Kingdom

Modular experience

Looking for a larger soft light with more output and area?
Simply add X21 Domes to your X22 or X23 array. You can build a pure soft light, or mix and match the X21 Domes with other attachments.

Want to use SkyPanel X as a hard light?

Mounting HyPer Optics over the SkyPanel X transforms it into a native hard light luminaire with a refined, rounded beam.

SkyPanel X as native hard light


  • Yes. If you select one of the two DMX legacy modes in the SkyPanel X, the X21 will mimic the same DMX controls as the S60-C, including its color temperature range of 2,800 K - 20,000 K. If this is your preferred choice, make sure your S60-C is set up in DMX Mode 1 or DMX Mode 6. Since both SkyPanel and SkyPanel X are manufactured by ARRI and belong to the same family of LED panels, the resultant color quality will be similar. However, always have in mind that SkyPanel X delivers RGBACL color mixing, improved color science, better dimming technology, and a higher lux output.

  • Yes. Make sure your S60-C fixtures use either the DMX Mode 1 or DMX Mode 6, and your X21 fixtures are set to be controlled via one of the two available S60-C Legacy DMX modes. Your X21 will work with the same S60-C DMX profiles, and therefore there is no need to modify the patch in the console. However, always have in mind that SkyPanel X delivers RGBACL color mixing, improved color science, better dimming technology, and a higher output. Please also note that SkyPanel X will make use of the reserved DMX channel on S60-C Mode 1 and Mode 6, and the presets will be replaced by the SkyPanel X effects channel.

  • Yes. It is as simple as attaching the S60 Adapter to the X21 front. The attachment of the S60 Adapter is a tool-less, hot-swappable process that doesn't take more than a couple of seconds. And you can leave it always mounted, if this is your preferred workflow for the X21.

  • Yes. You need to order the SkyPanel X set for Rabbit Ears from DoPchoice, and your X21 will allow not only to mount any DoPchoice accessories that fit the Rabbit Ears, but also the direct attachment of S60 diffusers over the X21 LEDs.

  • Yes. Just attach the S60 Adapter to the X21 front, and everything will fit.

  • For this specific purpose, the SkyPanel X can be used in three different size formats and two complementary workflows. As per the formats, the SkyPanel X can be used as one 2:1 horizontal panel similar to the S60-C (X21), as a squared 2:2 panel (X22), or as a 2:3 alternative to the S360-C (X23). In terms of workflow, the X21 can be used together with the hot-swappable X21 Dome or the S60 Adapter, but also as an open-face light for bouncing since the LED diodes are always protected from damage, even under the rain. While the X21 Dome is easy to use, fits foldable snoots and grids, and can be mounted or dismounted without needing to remove a softbox, the S60 Adapter adds the advantage of being fully compatible with all existing SkyPanel S60-C accessories on the market.


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