User with an orbiter control unit and USB connectors.

Control & connectivity

Powerful, future-proof control

0402 Removable Control Panel Video - 16by9
0402 Removable Control Panel Video - 16by9
Enjoy the comfort of handheld light control
Change colors and settings with a single action

Removable Control Panel

Handheld light control

Redesigned by professionals for professionals, the Orbiter control panel is an evolutionary step in light fixture control. Easily control the Orbiter via a 4'' color display, featuring integrated sensors and intuitive buttons for quick navigation, either handheld with the aid of a 5 or 15 m (16.4 or 49.2 ft) control panel cable or as a fixed controller attached to the Orbiter.

Single action operation

The simplified menu structure and redesigned user interface provide one-glance operational views and uncluttered screens. This intuitive design makes changing the color or finding a setting easier than ever before.


0403-00 Connectivity_M26_Template_Cinemascope_1920x803@2x
  • SD card

    An SD card slot enables future expansion of the software as well as a second way of updating the firmware.

    SD card connector of the Orbiter.
  • USB-C

    A USB-C port is available for computer communication and servicing.

    USB-C connect
  • USB-A

    Two USB-A ports are used for LiOS updates via USB stick and connection of third-party peripherals such as Wi-Fi USB dongles and much more.

    USB-A connect
  • 5-pin XLR

    Two 5-pin XLR DMX ports allow for conventional DMX & RDM communication in and through.

    5-pin XLR
  • EtherCON

    Ethernet daisy chaining is now possible with two EtherCON ports which support Art-Net 4, sACN, and TCP/IP.

    EtherCON connect
  • Camera sync

    A sync port provides the opportunity to sync Orbiter with a wide variety of motion picture cameras to enable frame-accurate flashing of the light output.

    Camera sync connect
  • Wireless

    LumenRadio’s CRMX solution is included, allowing wireless DMX communication.

    Wireless orbiter connector with antenna.

Communication to and from a luminaire is easier than ever with Orbiter—and crucial for robust networks and dynamic control.

Orbiter's luminaire communication system makes connectivity and communication simple and reliable. The Ethernet daisy-chaining and gateway functionality reduce complexity for large lighting rigs.
Generally, with its full suite of input and ouput connectors, Orbiter is not only ready for today’s state-of-the-art communication, but also for whatever the future might bring.

Full suite of sensors

Orbiter is a digital light of the future that offers users unprecedented control and convenience. This LED fixture is equipped with a variety of sensors and is aware of the world around it, allowing advanced operations, smart automations, and a stream of metadata. The sensors make for a better user experience and increased control over the fixture, while the metadata improves workflows in postproduction and service.

Color sensor

Orbiter includes an integrated color sensor for measuring and matching the ambient light. Learn more about the color sensor and how it works.

3-axis accelerometer

A 3-axis accelerometer senses the pan, tilt, and roll of the fixture. This provides metadata for future visual effects work or for optimizing fixture performance.


A magnetometer gives Orbiter's heading based on the direction the fixture is pointing in the real world.

Ambient light sensor

An ambient light sensor located on the control panel will automatically dim the brightness of the control panel display based on the surrounding light intensity.

Heat sensors

Heat sensors located throughout the interior of the Orbiter will keep the LEDs and electronics at exactly the right temperature.

Configure your Orbiter

A step-by-step guide to configuring your LED fixture according to your needs

Accessories & individual configuration possibilities
0109 Configure your Orbiter_M26_Template_16_9+Mobile@2x
Orbiter shines in blue backrouund.
Gallery | Orbiter product and application images

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