ARRI's grip head system is specifically designed to hold and position scrims, flags, floppies, cutters, dots and fingers. The simple, efficient concept behind the system's grip clamps and dedicated arms allows you to support any light control accessory; solid construction and a variety of available options let you stop, bounce and soften lights in every position you could need. To complete the assortment of grips ARRI also offers different safety cables.

L2.30992.0ARRI Swiveling / Noga Arm
L2.76989.0ARRI Swivelling C Clamp (C150)
L2.76985.0ARRI Super Clamp (035)
L2.76100.0ARRI Super Clamp with plate for EB® / EBB
L2.88726.0ARRI Quick Action Super Clamp - black (635)
L2.73490.0Universal Clamp with spigot 16 mm (camera mount)
L2.86272.0Ceiling Scissor Clamp
L2.30088.0Adapter stud 16 mm + 120 mm for Gobo head mounting
L2.30991.0Adapter for Hot Shoe, 3/8"
L2.88681.0Adapter spigot, 1/4" + 3/8", female threads
L2.88639.0Female Adapter for 16 mm (5/8") spigot with 3/8" stud
L2.88212.0Double female adapter 16 mm - 17 mm Pin (E400) (LE.4000.A)
L2.40701.3Spigot 28 mm, long, with flange & allen screw, fits profile stirrups without sleeve cuff
L2.40701.4Spigot 28 mm with 16 mm socket, without flange, with screw (for stand operation)
L2.76986.0Stud 16 mm with thread 3/8" (036-38), plugs into Superclamp (035)
L2.74144.0Ballast mount bracket with 16 mm socket
L2.30130.0Multi Connector joining bracket with stud 16 mm / 5/8 ",for two Casters
L2.88459.03" Mounting baby plate male with swivel pin (LF.8010.A)
L2.73408.0Handgrip, 16 mm spigot size with thread 3/8", light weight
L2.76809.0Safety cable (3 mm) 0.6 m, with Carabiner
L2.76990.0Safety cable (4 mm) 1 m, with Carabiner
L2.80864.0Safety cable (5 mm) 1 m, with Carabiner
L2.80866.0Safety cable (6 mm) 1 m, with Carabiner