UMC-4 Camera Control Unit mounted on Camera

Motor Controllers

RIA‑1, cforce mini RF and UMC-4

A hub for the Hi-5 ecosystem

Capable of functioning as a receiver, transmitter, or motor controller, the RIA‑1 Radio Interface Adapter is a highly versatile component in the Hi‑5 ecosystem. Compact and robust, it supports ARRI's exchangeable radio modules and provides multiple connectors for wireless control of ARRI or third-party cameras and lenses.

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cforce mini RF motor

This integrated RF-EMIP radio module offers wireless connectivity directly to a Hi‑5 or similar hand unit, removing the need for bulky motor controllers. Lens data files are supported internally, and camera control of ARRI, Sony, and RED cameras is possible. The cforce mini RF is also one of our fastest motors, offering a top speed of 240 teeth/sec.

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Lens Data for Set and Post

The Universal Motor Controller UMC-4 controls focus, iris and zoom on any camera and provides vital lens data and tilt-and-roll information for set and VFX postproduction. 


Best overall production value UMC-4

  • 3 Axis Lens Control: The Universal Motor Controller UMC-4 is an advanced 3-axis motor controller. Up to three different hand units can connect to the UMC-4 at the same time, controlling focus, iris and zoom on any camera. 
  • Lens Data: The UMC-4 incorporates the LDS Lens Data Archive and generates frame-accurate lens data with any lens. Lens data is used for lens mapping to pre-marked focus rings and depth-of-field display on the Hi‑5 and WCU‑4 hand unit.

Useful features UMC-4

  • Timecode: The UMC-4 supports internal and external timecode that is recorded with frame-accurate lens data onto SD card, making the lens data usable for postproduction. The internal timecode clock can be jam-synced from external devices, but can output LTC timecode as well.
  • Multiple Interfaces: The UMC-4 includes multiple interfaces for maximum flexibility on set. Two serial interfaces connect peripheral equipment such as ARRI’s UDM‑1 distance measure or motion control systems. 
  • Override Function: Supports the OCU‑1 and Master Grips lens control override feature of the Hi‑5 and WCU‑4 hand unit. 


UMC-4 + CLM motors

Override Function available

UMC-4 + cforce mini/plus motors

Override Function available

OCU‑1 – UMC-4 + cforce mini/plus motors

Override Function available

OCU‑1 – UMC-4 + CLM motors

Override Function available


UMC-4 Cables