Lens Motors and Encoders

Compact and intelligent

Small all-rounders

The fast and versatile cforce motors control all common cine-style lenses with remarkable speed and torque. Equipped with twin LBUS connectors, multiple cforce motors can be linked in a row using daisy chain technology.

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cforce mini motor

The all-rounder: small and lightweight, yet strong enough for most lenses. The cforce mini motor features twin LBUS connectors that allow up to four motors to be daisy chained, and connection with a range of motor controllers or directly with ALEXA cameras. Encoder mode enables lens data workflows when remote control of the lens isn’t required. 

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cforce mini RF motor

This integrated RF-EMIP radio module offers wireless connectivity directly to a Hi‑5 or similar hand unit, removing the need for bulky motor controllers. Lens data files are supported internally, and camera control of ARRI, Sony, and RED cameras is possible. The cforce mini RF is also one of our fastest motors, offering a top speed of 240 teeth/sec.

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cforce plus motor

Designed for high-torque applications, the cforce plus is strong enough to move even the stiffest vintage lens. With a 60-tooth gear, the cforce plus is also the fastest cforce motor available, ideal for rapid focus racking or crash zooms.


ARRI Tech Talk: SUP 2.0 for cforce mini and cforce plus

Configuration examples for cforce motors

LBUS Cables

CAM Cables for cforce mini RF

CAM Cables

Controlled Lens Motor CLM-4

The CLM-4 is the standard motor for when a CLM connection is preferred, for example when using a legacy ALEXA Plus camera. CLM-4 is strong, quiet, and capable, and is available with a range of different mounting options.

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Configuration examples for CLM motors

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