Representation of the smart focus rings, which are part of the Hi-5 accessories.

Hi-5 Ecosystem Products

Sets and parts

Smart Focus Rings

Smart Focus Rings are available in three formats: standard, left-hander and reverse to suit your style of focus pulling. The Hi‑5 automatically detects each ring and will update the lens data display to accommodate the new orientation.


Smart Iris Rings

Attaching a Smart Iris Ring to the Hi‑5 will shift the iris scale to the knob side of the lens data display, allowing DPs and DITs to control the iris motor with the full rotation of the control knob. 


Standard Smart Focus Rings for Hi-5

Left Hander Smart Focus Rings for Hi-5

Reversed Smart Focus Rings for Hi-5

Close-up view of a neck strap, one of the hi-5 accessories.

Radio modules and RIA-1

RIA-1 cables