Tech specs

Detailed technical overview

We have prepared an overview of photometric and technical data for the L-Series Plus.

Technical Data
Lamphead Type
LED Fresnel
Optical System
focusable Fresnel
L1.0048800 L5-C Plus
L1.0048801 L5-C Plus Black
L1.0048802 L5-C Plus PO
L1.0048803 L5-C Plus Black PO

L1.0048804 L7-C Plus
L1.0048805 L7-C Plus Black
L1.0048806 L7-C Plus PO
L1.0048807 L7-C Plus Black PO
Light Aperture
L5-C Plus: 137 mm / 5“
L7-C Plus: 175 mm / 7“
Beam Angle
L5-C Plus: 12° to 46° half peak beam angle
L7-C Plus: 12° to 45° half peak beam angle
Lamp Type
L5-C Plus: RGBW LED light engine
L7-C Plus: 180 W RGBW LED light engine
White Light
2,800 K to 10,000 K continuously variable correlated color temperature
Colored Light
full RBG+W color gamut with hue and saturation control
Green-Magenta Adjustment
continuously adjustable (full minusgreen to full plusgreen)
Color Rendition
L5-C Plus:
CRI average > 92
TLCI average > 83

L7-C Plus:
CRI average > 94
TLCI average > 89
Color Temperature Tolerance
L5-C Plus:
+/- 100 K (nominal)
+/- 1/8 green-magenta (nominal)

L7-C Plus:
+/- 100 K (nominal)
+/- 1/8 green-magenta (nominal)
0 to 100 % continuous
manual, pole operated
adjustable sliding stirrup
high-strength tilt lock
pole operation option (pan, tilt, focus)
L5-C Plus: 16 mm / 28 mm Combo pin
L7-C Plus: spigot 28 mm Junior pin
Housing Color
blue/silver, black
Tilt Angle
+/- 90°
Weight - Manual
L5-C Plus: 5.4 kg / 11.9 lbs
L7-C Plus: 8.7 kg / 19.2 lbs
Weight - Pole operated
L5-C Plus: 7.3 kg / 16 lbs
L7-C Plus: 10.2 kg / 22.5lbs
on-board controller, EtherCon in & through, 5-Pin DMX in & through via adapter cable, USB-A
LAN / EtherCon
control and configuration via Art-Net, sACN, web page control of light and settings via HTTP
DMX / RDM via adapter cable
DMX setup, hour counter, standard & manufacturer RDM commands
Software Interface - USB Type A
fixture service and settings configuration, fixture status, firmware upgrade through PC or Mac using ALSM
Wireless Interfaces
via third party Receiver
Power Supply Range
100 - 240 V~, 50 - 60 Hz
Power Consumption
L5-C Plus: 135 W maximum
L7-C Plus: 220 W maximum
Lamphead Power Connection
In and Through, powerCON*(R) TRUE1 compatible
Power Switch
on/off switch on cable
Yes, power and data (powerCON*(R) TRUE1 and EtherCON*(R) compatible)
Protection Class / IP Rating
I / IP20
Both L-Series Plus fixtures are IP 20 rated for indoor use.
Ambient Temperature Operation
-20 to +45º C (-4 to +113º F)
Estimated LED Lifetime (L70)
50,000 hours
Estimated Color Shift Over Lifetime (CCT)
+/- 5 %
Certifications & Declarations of Conformity

Technical drawings

  • L5-C Plus, Manual Yoke

  • L5-C Plus, P.O. Yoke

    072_01_Technical_data_L5_PO_M26 (1)
  • L7-C Plus, Manual Yoke

  • L7-C Plus, P.O. Yoke


Photometric data



The ARRI L-Series Plus: meticulously crafted for quality and reliability. Its enduring LED engine shines for 50,000+ hours, providing reliable long-term performance on the most demanding production sets. Enjoy unmatched returns on your investment in ARRI technology and rest assured with a 100% manufacturer's warranty, securing your investment with our three-year coverage.


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