AEM-1 Audio Extension Module

Integrated studio-quality sound

K2.0023750-2 EL Audio Extension Module AEM-1
Roll sound, roll camera

The Audio Extension Module AEM-1 for ALEXA 35 delivers two channels of studio-quality microphone pre-amplification within a slimline, integrated form factor. Developed by SONOSAX, a leading audio engineering company with a long history of providing high-quality sound equipment for the motion picture industry, the AEM-1 is the perfect companion for shoots where robust in-camera audio is required.

Two incredibly clean microphone pre-amp channels for high-quality onboard audio recording
ALEXA 35 Body + LPL Mount - right - back - AEM-1
Integrated form factor and better workflow thanks to easy mounting

I have worked with the AEM-1 on several shoots now and am completely blown away by the quality and integration. It drastically reduces time in post by not having to sync sound from external recording devices. 

Daniel Green

Director l cinematographer

The pre-amps are great! Nice and clean, no major color - just solid tone and level! 

Stephen "Koz" Kozmeniuk

Record producer, songwriter, engineer, and instrumentalist

Excellent pre-amps and sound quality. It integrates perfectly with the camera body and B-mount. It’s on the back, not the side, so good for balance.

Noah Stout

Founder of Stout Film, Inc.

Inputs & outputs


1     MIC/LINE-IN 1 input for TA3F (Mini XLR) connector
2     MIC/LINE-IN 2 input for TA3F (Mini XLR) connector
3     AES input for TA3F (Mini XLR) connector
    24 V 3-pin Fischer connector supporting start/stop (max. 4.0 A)
    12 V 2-pin Lemo connector (max. 2.0 A)
6     Headphone output 3.5 mm jack
7     User display 
8     Rotary encoder for phones level and menu navigation
9     Menu button
10  Back button
11  Rotary encoder for gain MIC/LINE-IN 1
12  Rotary encoder for gain MIC/LINE-IN 2
13  USB-C port (used for firmware update)

Technical data


Audio Extension Module AEM-1

Measurements (HxWxL)

132.50 x 119.45 x 34.72 mm


504 g / 1,111 lbs

Operating Temperature

-20°C - +45°C

Power Outputs

1x 24 V 3-pin Fischer connector supporting start/stop (max. 4.0 A)
1x 12 V 2-pin Lemo connector (max. 2.0 A)

Analog Audio Inputs

2x balanced MIC/LINE inputs on TA3 connectors with 48 V phantom power (max. 10 mA) switchable on each channel, +20 dB pre-gain, analog first order low frequency cut filter, dual-ADC, phase reversal, adjustable second order digital low frequency cut filter, gain and limiter

Maximum Input Level

+18 Bu (with Primary Gain 0 B)
-2 dBu (with Primary Gain +20 dB)

Frequency Response

20 Hz - 90 kHz

Low Frequency Cut Filter

3rd order hybrid (1st order analog) adjustable Low Frequency Cut filter, 60 to
320 Hz, 20 Hz steps

Dynamic Range

135 dB (with Primary Gain 0 dB)
129 dB (with Primary Gain +20 dB)

Noise LIN 22-22 kHz

-133 dBFS (with Primary Gain 0 dB)
-127 dBFS (with Primary Gain +20 dB)

Noise ASA A

-135 dBFS (with Primary Gain 0 dB)
-129 dBFS (with Primary Gain +20 dB)

Equivalent Input Noise
22-22 kHz 150 ohm

-112 dBu (with Primary Gain 0 dB)
-126 dBu (with Primary Gain +20 dB)


< 0.001%

Digital Audio Input

1x AES3 input on TA3 connector with Asynchronous Sample Rate converter (ASRC) with input sampling rate from 6 to 192kHz

ASRC Dynamic Range

139 dB (A-weighted)

Headphone Output

1x stereo mini jack unbalanced output for headphones with full monitoring