SkyPanel Family

Craft the perfect lighting - the SkyPanel way

ARRI’s SkyPanel family is well established as the gold standard for industry lighting professionals. For over eight years, creatives and technicians have chosen SkyPanel as a dependable solution for projects of all kinds. Its award-winning quality, outstanding lumen efficiency, and native soft light technology have made it an ubiquitous presence on film sets worldwide. Now the SkyPanel family is expanding with the introduction of SkyPanel X. While the SkyPanel was designed to be a soft light for studio use, the SkyPanel X is optimized for both hard and soft light in all-weather conditions, bringing improvements in terms of lux output, IP rating, color rendition, dimming quality, and controllability. All SkyPanels are available in two housing colors: iconic blue/silver and all-black.

The ARRI SkyPanel family consists of:

• The Classic SkyPanel, an LED soft light that has set a new industry standard, and
• SkyPanel X, a modular, all-weather LED panel that delivers both native hard light for long throws and native soft light for close distances


The ARRI SkyPanel family: meticulously crafted for quality and reliability. Its enduring LED engine shines for 50,000+ hours, providing reliable long-term performance on the most demanding production sets. Enjoy unmatched returns on your investment in ARRI technology and rest assured with a 100% manufacturer's warranty, securing your investment with our three-year coverage.


  • Both units are 2:1 LED panels that deliver great skin tones, local and DMX-based controls, full-color operation in different modes, and a wide range of tools for soft light applications. They are also fully compatible: all existing S60-C accessories fit the X21 when its S60 Adapter is attached. The weight specification is also similar for both fixtures, when the S60-C has its power supply attached in the back.

  • Yes. It is as simple as attaching the S60 Adapter to the X21 front. The attachment of the S60 Adapter is a tool-less, hot-swappable process that doesn't take more than a couple of seconds. And you can leave it always mounted, if this is your preferred workflow for the X21.