Advanced Service Training for Electronic Control Systems

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This pre-recorded online training is designed to transfer detailed knowledge about the service and maintenance of ARRI's Electronic Control System. Participants will get step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble and reassemble the ECS products, learning every action they might be confronted with on set or in the workshop. After completing this training, attendees will be authorized to order tools and spare parts that are not available to others. You get permanent access to your personal online service training library, with pre-recorded videos, up-to-date service manuals, and software download links.


What you will learn

  • Exchange of all wear-and-tear parts
  • Exchange of electronics boards
  • Access to specialist tools
  • Access to spare parts


Modules for ECS

  • Hand units (Hi‑5, WCU‑4, SXU-1)
  • Radio Interface Adapter RIA‑1
  • Lens motors (cforce mini - CLM-5, cforce mini RF, cforce plus - CLM-4)
  • Operator Control Unit OCU‑1
  • Master Grips
  • Motor Controllers (UMC-4, AMC-1, EMC-1, SMC-1)
  • LCUBE CUB-1 and CUB-2 converters
  • Ultrasonic Distance Measure Unit UDM‑1
  • ARRI Wireless Video System
  • ...and more to come

Who should attend

  • Camera owner-operators
  • Rental staff


The course can be held in English and German.

Online platform

The course is available on Panopto.

Take a look at a free demo here.

What you will learn
Who should attend
Online platform

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