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Basic Range

If quality is all you need!

For over 25 years, discharge lighting ballasts have been an integral part of the ARRI Lighting family. During that course of time, the range has developed to comprise the reliable, robust and efficient components recognised today as the industry standard for film, theatre and events. The range of ARRI Basic ballasts features state-of-the-art electronics and offers easy maintenance, automatic fault detection and extensive status indicators, along with impeccable reliability and safety. A wide range of cables and accessories complete the ARRI Lighting product line.


The Basic Range offers various quality standards like every other ARRI ballast. Therefore protection against overvoltage and overtemperature as well as the robust design and various LED indicators are implemented.

  • All ballasts of the Basic Range are equipped with the must-have feature ALF (Active Line Filter), optimizing power consumption and distribution, so variations in power supply voltage and frequency of up to 10 % have no influence on the power of the lamp.

For Daylight-Systems ARRI offers an extended warranty period of five years, if the ballast is purchased with a matching ARRI lamphead.

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