Metadata ARRI Mini LF UMC-4

Metadata Tools

Reduce risk, improve accuracy, streamline operations from pre to postproduction

Harnessing the power of metadata

Reliable, accurate metadata is the key to efficiency on set and in post. ARRI cameras deliver a wide range of automatic and human-readable metadata that is intended to make production and postproduction tasks easier.

We design tools for online and offline workflows, independent from camera files and integrated into postproduction pipelines.

By providing integrated workflows, we can increase efficiency across the entire production pipeline. The benefits are clear: reduced cost and risk as well as easier operations and faster turnarounds.

Metadata Tools

Precision at every stage of production

From preproduction data to sub-frame accurate capture during a shoot, ARRI's custom solutions extract the specific data you need, when you need it.

A custom-developed toolkit

  • Metadata exchange protocols for ARRI and 3rd party devices 
  • Infrastructure for PTP synchronization, metadata timestamping at source 
  • Solid hardware devices for metadata capturing, synchronization and user interface 
  • Integrations into preproduction tools 
  • User interfaces for set management, metadata access and status monitoring
  • Authentication & authorization routines  

  • Lens & camera metadata 
  • Positioning & orientation measurement, through onboard sensors or outfitted with external encoders 
  • Lighting fixture metadata  
  • Integration of 3rd  party devices

Comprehensive metadata management and delivery tools

  • Independent from camera file to avoid data loss due to transcoding and keep track all day long 
  • Unified across all sources and types of data 
  • Content-agnostic & open standard – no limits on size, from script notes and lens data to LIDAR scan files 
  • Flexible deployment and operation (on-prem & Cloud, with synchronization) 
  • Seamless time-accurate integration into VFX pipelines 
  • Possible utilization of metadata for resource & cost monitoring 

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