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Orbiter in action

Explore where and how this LED fixture can be used

Experience various lighting use cases

Unlock a world of possibilities with the ARRI Orbiter LED fixture and its huge range of accessories.
Explore the many application areas and glowing reviews from people already using it on set. Dive into our library of Tech Talks for more in-depth knowledge about what makes the ARRI Orbiter so special and how to use every feature.

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Large range of applications

Changeable optics for different looks

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Orbiter on set

Explore & share experiences

Orbiter shines in blue backrouund.
Gallery | Orbiter product and application images

Find detailed Orbiter product images and application photos here.

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Tech Talks

ARRI's Senior Product Manager explains...

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Configure your Orbiter

A step-by-step guide to configuring your LED fixture according to your needs

Accessories & individual configuration possibilities
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