K2.0016447 Flight Head Adapter Porsche (1)

Flight Head Adapter

Flight Head (1)
Lens control from Filmotechnic Flight Head Control Panel

Converts the analog zoom output of a Flight Head control deck to the LBUS protocol for ARRI WCU‑4 and cmotion hand units


Best overall production value

  • The analog Flight Head control panel can be connected to the WCU4 hand unit through the cmotion Flight Head Adapter.
  • Converts analog zoom signal of the Flight Head control panel into a digital signal and sent it to the hand unit. The hand unit sends all signals to the receiving unit (either ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA Mini, ALEXA Plus, UMC4, cmotion cvolution camin or cmotion compact LCS camin)
  • Allows the operator to control the zoom axis from the control panel and use the wireless connection between WCU‑4 hand unit and motor controller. 


Before the flighthead adapter my handset was dictated in arm cars just to be able to tie into the zoom function of their joysticks. I don’t like having the tools to do my job dictated by a third party. The flighthead adapter is the missing bridge allowing us to keep everyone happy and in turn get the shot.

Erik Gunnar Mortensen 1st AC (Known for: Come Away, The Morning Show, I am the Night, The Rookie, The Last Witch Hunter, Chasing Mavericks and many more)