ARRI Reference Tool (ART)

The new tool for ARRIRAW processing

ART, our newly built ARRI Reference Tool, combines the functionality of the previous ARRIRAW Converter, Color Tool, and Meta Extract into a single package. You can review clips, check and extract metadata, create and extract look files (LogC3 and LogC4), and transcode to a different format.

The ARRI Reference Tool allows you to render ALEXA 35 footage using our new ARRI Debayer Algorithm ADA-7 and REVEAL Color Science, but it is also backwards compatible with all ALEXA/AMIRA cameras.

Additionally, ART supports QuickTime/ProRes or MXF/ProRes, as well as the CODEX HDE (High Density Encoding) file format. To keep your footage organized, you can create projects with bins and sequences.

Features of ART 1.0

The following features are included in this first release:

View Room
•    Playback of ALEXA 35 MXF/ARRIRAW clips in LogC4 using the new ARRI Image SDK version 7.0
•    Playback of ARRIRAW clips in LogC3 using the new ARRI Image SDK version 7.0
•    Playback of ALEXA 35 Apple ProRes material in LogC4
•    Playback of legacy Apple ProRes material in LogC3
•    Conversion of LogC4 to all SDR and HDR video color spaces using the new color management for ALEXA 35
•    Conversion of LogC3 to all SDR and HDR video color spaces using the existing color management
•    Conversion of ALEXA LF or Mini LF ARRIRAW material to LogC4 for combining with ALEXA 35 footage
•    Display camera metadata according to the ARRI MXF specification in RDD 54/55
•    "Quick Render Clip" to all Apple ProRes codecs as MXF compliant with Apple RDD 44 and the new ARRI RDD 55
•    "Save Viewer Snapshot" as single image in TIFF or JPEG format

New Look Room
•    Create ALF4 look files (*.alf4)
•    Create ALF2 look files (*.aml)
•    Extract 3D LUTs to file (*.cube)
•    Apply and display embedded log-to-video looks from LogC3 footage
•    New ARRI Look Library for ALEXA 35 footage (LogC4/*.alf4)
•    ARRI Look Library for LogC3 footage (LogC3/*.aml)

Redesigned Render Room
•    Render to LogC4/LogC3 with or without applied looks:
           - to Apple ProRes MXF file according to Apple RDD 44 and the new ARRI MXF specification RDD 55
           - to OpenEXR or TIFF image sequences
•    Render to AWG4/AWG3 or ACES Scene Linear formats as OpenEXR image sequence
•    Export clip metadata in a new JSON scheme