ARRIRAW HDE Transcoder

CODEX High Density Encoding for ALEXA 35

Animation Header_ALEXA 35_CODEX Compact Drive (1)
HDE workflow for ALEXA 35

ALEXA 35 offers more dynamic range, more sensitivity, more colors, and more creative control. ARRIRAW data from this camera is packed with more information and can no longer be presented in single-frame formats. This also affects CODEX High Density Encoding.

ALEXA 35 records MXF files like an ALEXA Mini LF, but the images have a higher bit depth and a host of new metadata. The additional data is key to the benefits the ALEXA 35 has to offer and one of the reasons why the ALEXA 35 MXF content was completely restructured to remove redundancy and add flexibility for possible extensions to the metadata.

REVEAL Color Science – the suite of new image processing steps dedicated to ALEXA 35 – was designed to take advantage of MXF data transport. Single-frame format (.ari or .arx) processing is only supported for earlier camera models. This also impacts how High Density Encoding (HDE) can be applied.

Since CODEX Device Manager currently cannot produce an MXF/HDE output from ALEXA 35 MXF/ARRIRAW, ARRI licensed the HDE encoder from CODEX and built the ARRIRAW HDE Transcoder. The software is an easy-to-use tool that can read ALEXA 35 MXF/ARRIRAW data from the Compact Drives, or any other source directory, and output MXF/HDE to the selected destination.

Available for macOS, Windows, and CentOS