ARRI ARTEMIS 2 and TRINITY 2 in Action, filming a car commercial.


One modular system, two stabilizers

ARRI ARTEMIS 2 and TRINITY 2 placed next to one another.
Designed by operators, for operators

ARRI introduces its second-generation camera stabilizers. The modular system brings enhancements to camera movement, connectivity, power management, user interface, and balance options. A quick and easy upgrade transforms the purely mechanical ARTEMIS 2 into the hybrid TRINITY 2, which adds electronic stabilization for an even wider range of movements and angles.

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Flexibility at its best

A single, shared system

  • Modularity is at the heart of the second-generation system
  • Both stabilizers share 80% of all new components
  • Easy transitions between ARTEMIS 2 and TRINITY 2
  • Quickly build whatever rig meets your on-set requirements

Setting new industry standards

  • The most sophisticated camera stabilizer system ever built
  • Redesigned top stage with fast but secure clamp mechanism
  • 2x 12G video connections for future resolution standards
  • New 16-pin main socket for faster data transfer

Improved gimbal

  • Special low-friction bearings, made in Germany
  • Rigid design and extremely precise manufacturing 
  • Patented self-centering mechanism optimizes performance
  • Tool-free gimbal clamp allows quick positioning on center post

Wide-ranging compatibility

  • SAM plates: precision engineered and camera-specific
  • Time-saving workflows with many different cameras 
  • Fast, tool-free switching from rigs to tripod or ARRI SRH‑360
  • Many components can also be used with first-gen stabilizers

Versatile operating

  • Two new post lengths now available
  • Super Post allows more extreme camera angles
  • Shorty Post suited to fast shots or space-constrained locations
  • Both new posts work with original TRINITY and ARTEMIS

New sled design

  • Rock-solid bottom stage and modular battery hanger
  • New battery mounts for B-Mount, Gold Mount, and V-Mount 
  • 19 mm rods provide further stability
  • Carbon, aluminum, or steel rods for counterweight flexibility

Newly released tools


The TRINITY Skater allows for quick and easy balancing of your TRINITY rig. Simply place the rig horizontally onto the Skater and then position batteries and other accessories to achieve perfect weight distribution and balance.

Tally System Gen.2

The Tally System Gen.2 provides the talent and operator with a clear and easily readable signal to indicate that they are live. This second-generation system is a compact, flexible pair of units that can be mounted to many ARRI CSS devices.

Camera Control Panel CCP Live

The CCP Live is an upgraded CCP-1 that includes an HDMI downconverter, an HD-SDI Video Out socket, and a Tally Out socket, in addition to existing monitor and camera control functions. This allows the operator to get a direct monitor video feed from the camera even when both video outputs are used for 2 x 6G video.

The additional 1080 HD-SDI video signal allows a control monitor to be connected to the camera if both Video Out sockets are already in use. If the camera is integrated into a multi-camera setup, the Tally System Gen. 2 can be controlled via the Tally Out socket.

ARRI ARTEMIS 2 and TRINITY 2 in use as handheld steadicam and body-mounted camera stabilizer.
Modular and upgradeable
ARTEMIS 2 and TRINITY 2 are being held in the hand.
Improved down to the last detail
TRINITY 2 in action, filming a 360 camera rotation shot in front of dancers.
Unlimited creative freedom

Versatile battery system

Reliable power supply

  • Intelligently regulated high-capacity power 
  • Exact 12 V and 24 V power requirements calculated
  • Efficiency always remains at an industry-leading 95%
  • Settings visible on self-levelling display

Mix and match batteries

  • Up to three battery inputs
  • Use 12 V and/or 24 V batteries from any manufacturer
  • Source compatible batteries anywhere in the world
  • Freely combine B-Mount, Gold Mount, and V-Mount 

Using batteries for balance

  • Position battery mounts anywhere on the 19 mm rods
  • Quick-release clamps make it fast to move battery mounts
  • Adjust the battery positions for counterweight balance
  • Rotating battery connectors help cable management
Picture of the Launchfilm of ARTEMIS 2 and Trinity 2


TRINITY 2 lets me offer directors different angles because I can easily change perspective from high mode to low mode, or show them a 360° roll. I've used the stabilizer in setups with a long broadcast zoom or a light mounted on the TRINITY head, and the motors were easily strong enough and very reliable. Operating TRINITY 2 from a Segway or rickshaw opens up further creative opportunities.

TRINITY operator Nikos Tzavaras

TRINITY 2 mounted on a rickshaw_Operator: Nikos Tzavaras

The flexibility and modularity of the TRINITY 2 are impressive. With the Super Post in combination with extenders and some extra weights, I reached a boom range of 3.7 meters! This way, we were able to replace an entire crane, still get the shots we wanted, and save time and money.

TRINITY 2 operator Tom Lebaric

TRINITY 2_Quote_Tom Lebaric_Image

After upgrading from the previous generation to the TRINITY 2, I can utilize so many new functions! The ease of saving multiple presets and toggling between them on the go cuts down time for adjustments and allows me to focus more on the creative aspect of operating. I can now execute complex shots that were never possible with any stabilizer before. With the TRINITY 2 the revolutionary camera stabilizer got even better!

TRINITY operator Dani Dagher

Dubai Workshop Jan 2023 1 copy

The TRINITY 2 truly allows some of the most complicated and impossible of shots to be achievable. The ability to have such control of the settings via the RCP-3 and the new Master Grip is a game changer for an operator in the world of live television. With the touch of a button it can be set for an entirely different array of settings to achieve the shots that are required of me minute to minute, and more so second to second. It is incredibly intuitive, and frees up valuable time for more creative and dynamic shot possibilities. And yes, the ability to roll the camera is - as Rihanna apparently said during rehearsals - 'FIRE!'

TRINITY operator Sean Flannery

Sean Flannery next to his camera stabilizer TRINITY 2 in front of the State Farm Stadium, where the Super Bowl 2023 was held

Sean Flannery (left)

The upgrades of the TRINITY 2 really helped me on a week-long commercial shoot in Saudi Arabia, with tough locations and challenging demands from the director and DP. Little things like the clip-on system and rapid adjustments of tilt speed and roll – they all make putting the rig together less time consuming and the operating more efficient as well.

TRINITY and ARTEMIS operator Torben Meldgaard

TRINITY Operator Torben Meldgaard in the middle of the desert, holding ARRI stabilizer TRINITY 2 while sitting on a vehicle

Torben Meldgaard (left) and 1st AD Alyne Kabboul

The TRINITY 2 provides many comforts that I have not been able to get until now with any other system. Shots that used to be impossible can now be done with a single click, thanks to the presets I can save and recall from my joystick. This allows me to do my job better and faster.

TRINITY operator Ömer Belli

TRINITY operator Omer Belli filming two actors on a rooftop with smoke around them

Having a TRINITY 2 in Singapore adds to the diversity of camera movement, offering more options to the demands of modern filmmaking. The expectation of camera movement evolves with trends, and the new TRINITY 2 is a tool that can fulfill my clients' vision.

TRINITY operator Christopher Ang

TRINITY operator Christopher Ang with his new TRINITY 2 at the ARRI Office

With the RCP rigged on the TRINITY 2 itself, you have access to the whole menu and full control of the tuning. Being able to dial these settings on the go and adapt them from shot to shot, without having to dock the rig and adjust it, saves time on set and lets you execute more precise movements.

TRINITY and ARTEMIS operator Charlie Rizek

Charlie Rizek using TRINITY 2.

The more powerful motors make the rig even more stable. This makes it easier for new operators to learn how to work with the TRINITY 2.

TRINITY and ARTEMIS operator Jörg Schenten SOC, BVK

Jörg Schenten using TRINITY 2

I’ve never seen this kind of build quality in any stabilizer. There is so much attention to detail, for example how the cables are connected and how the brackets are made. All these little innovations and new features help us operators to not waste unnecessary time balancing the rig or worrying about what could go wrong during the shot. 

TRINITY and ARTEMIS operator Igor Savatović

Fares Corbani using ARTEMIS 2

There is a natural intuition to the TRINITY 2. You have more freedom to discover new moves and it’s a lot more limitless.

TRINITY and ARTEMIS operator Ari Robbins SOC

Ari Robbins using TRINITY 2

The modularity in the new design of the ARTEMIS 2 and TRINITY 2 is outstanding. From an operator’s point of view, this is now a new era in our world, where limitations don’t exist anymore.

TRINITY and ARTEMIS operator Fares Corbani SOC, ACO

Fares Corbani using ARTEMIS 2

Video room