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With Lighting Kits and Lighting Sets, ARRI has put together basic packages of fixtures and accessories to get started right away.

ARRI Lighting Kits

ARRI Lighting Kits, available in many versatile combinations, combine professional Tungsten and LED fixtures with a wide range of accessories delivered in a rugged and durable case to help you bring studio quality lighting to portable productions.

ARRI Lighting Sets

ARRI Lighting Sets are pre-assembled daylight systems combining a Daylight fixture with the corresponding ballast and basic accessories like head-to-ballast cables and barndoors. ARRI Lighting Sets give you the opportunity to make use of the five-year extended warranty for daylight systems.*

* The extended manufacturer warranty applies only if a daylight lamphead and ballast are bought and listed together on the same order (not necessarily as a set)! For sets, the extended warranty applies for fixtures and ballasts, but not for cables or accessories.