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Light engine

Say hello to ARRI Spectra

Many LED lights in different colors

Six-color LED light engine

Incorporating red, green, blue, amber, cyan, and lime LEDs, the ARRI Spectra six-color light engine provides a wider color gamut, more accurate colors, and most importantly, higher color rendition across the entire CCT range.

Wide gamut

Hues are precisely reproduced and the increased gamut allows for 15% more color possibilities than previous ARRI light engines.

Ultra-high color rendition

Orbiter has a larger CCT range of 2,000 to 20,000 K with ultra-high color rendering across all color temperatures. Skin tones look natural and flattering.

Compact light engine

Orbiter's light engine uses innovative LEDs to create a completely homogeneous color beam field. This light engine delivers a unique and unprecedented amount of brightness, which is achieved through the precise arrangement of the light-emitting diodes.

Color sensor

The Orbiter color sensor mode reads the ambient color surrounding the fixture and reproduces the color with great accuracy and quality.
This way you have fast and accurate color matching for location work. Just daisy-chain to more Orbiters, or use measured xy coordinates on other fixtures.

Having a lighting fixture like the Orbiter that can do more than one job is the direction in which set lighting is going. You have a lighting engine that is smart and gives you countless possibilities to do your craft.


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Orbiter covers an even wider color gamut range than SkyPanel. It also can be used with all kinds of optical accessories.

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Color sensor mode

Menu of the Orbiter operating modules in the software
Blue Menu of the orbiter value selector
Color Sensor Mode Animation

The color quality that Orbiter reproduces by measuring ambient light with the color sensor directly on the fixture is unparalleled.
There are two types of measurement with the color sensor mode: continuous and momentary. The continuous mode will constantly measure the ambient color and update the light output accordingly. The momentary mode takes only one measurement of the ambient color, with the press of a button. Color sensor mode is perfect in situations where the light is changing and you need to adapt quickly. Orbiter can automatically and accurately adjust for color changes without any interaction, no matter how large or small the color differences are.
Learn even more about how the color sensor works in our Tech Talk.

With the color sensor mode, Orbiter’s LiOS provides a total choice of eight color modes, including CCT, HSI, direct LED control, X/Y, gel, source matching, and effects. On top of that, the extended color control (ECC) allows fine-tuning to the smallest detail. The color sensor mode is also directly accessible from certain color modes and can be integrated into favorites and cues. And that’s not all! There are plenty of further features and modes with the Lighting Operating System.


Sheer light output

Immense brightness with full color tunability

Powerful light output

Orbiter is an extremely bright directional LED fixture with an output similar to corresponding HMI systems. Orbiter’s powerful yet tuneable ARRI Spectra light engine provides outstanding color quality and brightness, rendering hard shadows with defined edges. Overall, Orbiter creates great highlights, natural skin tones, and crisp shadows.

Amazing brightness

This revolutionary light engine is 76 times smaller than the L-Series L10’s light engine but produces greater output while drawing the same amount of power. Orbiter's light engine consists of over 200 advanced LEDs, arranged in a point source-like aperture, which produce stunning light output while maintaining color quality and full-color tunability. The compact light engine uses a six-color LED mixture to create a homogeneous color beam field with brightness levels that easily rival much larger lighting fixtures.

Configure your Orbiter

A step-by-step guide to configuring your LED fixture according to your needs

Accessories & individual configuration possibilities
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Orbiter shines in blue backrouund.
Gallery | Orbiter product and application images

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