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Large range of applications

Changeable optics for different looks

One fixture with many optics for multiple applications

Orbiter's wide range of features and optics allows the fixture to be used in a great variety of applications without compromising quality. Markets such as film and TV production, broadcast, theater and live entertainment, and photography are just some of the environments where Orbiter excels. Needs are also rising in the virtual production industry.

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Motion picture light

Orbiter’s amazing output and versatility make it the perfect directional light fixture for motion picture use. The ability to throw light long distances with Open Face or Projection Optics, while also serving as a soft light, brings the flexibility needed on today’s fast-paced film sets. Given its sleek ergonomics and intuitive user interface, the control panel enables easy handling and control of the luminaire on the fly for video shoots. The software features and connectivity make Orbiter the ultimate companion for dynamic lighting setups.

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Broadcast & media light

Broadcasters can illuminate their studios and on-location setups with Orbiter as well. Orbiter’s Projection Optics enable broadcasters to have controlled, high-quality light in the studio. In combination with the SkyPanel, Orbiter is the perfect companion to studio lighting. The Open Face Optic or Softbox provides either tremendous directional output or a soft wrapping field of light. With its battery power option, Orbiter can easily be used on the move.

Further, the ARRI Solutions Group provides turnkey lighting solutions for tomorrow’s production infrastructures. One of the solutions is ARRI LightNet which has been developed as a powerful, visually intuitive, and flexible tool to assist the smooth and efficient operation of contemporary studio facilities with both IP-based and DMX-controlled lighting systems.

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Virtual production light

Orbiter - the ideal light for virtual production stages. The high-quality LED point light source provides perfect illumination of talent and perimeter, delivering natural skin tones and authentic color reproduction. Further, high-contrast lighting creates more depth for a fully immersive experience. All made possible through Orbiter's core innovation: changeable optics. And lastly, IP-based lighting data networks offer bi-directional comms with playback systems, allowing light and color to be synced with the volume imagery.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how ARRI Stage London was built and equipped with 50 Orbiters. Or watch the video interview with gaffer Thorsten Kosellek on lighting Oscar® nominee “Bardo”. In the interview he shares insights of a train ride scene that was shot in a virtual production studio, which was built just for Bardo. It turned out that 24 Orbiters were essential for that purpose. The gaffer also talks about the differences between shooting on location and in a virtual production space, and what he takes away from this production.

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Continuous lighting

The need for continuous lighting in photography has never been greater and Orbiter fills a critical function in this workflow transition. Using the powerful features of the SkyPanel in Orbiter’s directional source, hard shadows are now attainable with countless color possibilities.

Beautiful color rendition

Whether bouncing off a surface or pointed directly at the subject, Orbiter will give the output needed with beautiful color rendition. Octagonally shaped softboxes convert the point light source into a great soft light perfect for beauty shots, changing the light characteristics in just seconds.

ARRI lighting has dedicated photographers and a complete page on the topic of photograpgy solutions.

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Theater & live entertainment lighting

Projection Optics are definitely one of the key features for the theater and live entertainment market. With incredible output that is significantly brighter than comparable products, Orbiter incorporates all the elements needed for theater or live productions. The pristine beam quality creates a precise circle of light that can be shaped with gobos, cutters, snoots and an iris. But also the Orbiter Fresnel is a great addition for theater lighting. Lighting Designer Michael Heidinger described in an interview to us that it helped him in creating the classical ballet alley lighting but without the hard edges. Moreover, he explained that the Orbiter’s high-resolution dimming was essential for lighting cues and fades that were several minutes long. The seamless dimming and color performance meant that there was no “stepping” behavior that could distract from the flowing lighting transitions. Further, ARRI SPECTRA light engine generates superior white light and a vast amount of saturated or merely tinted colors. Beneficial is also Orbiter's extended color control (ECC) and its color sensor. By using these features, you can easily match spotlights to each other so that they have the same white point.


Configure your Orbiter

A step-by-step guide to configuring your LED fixture according to your needs

Accessories & individual configuration possibilities
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Orbiter shines in blue backrouund.
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