PCA: Mechanical Accessories

The most complete camera system ever built

Pro Camera Accessories bring film-style functionality and the rugged build quality for which ARRI is famous to camera from other manufacturers, allowing them to be used more easily and reliably in challenging, fast-paced professional environments.


The Bicycle Grip Adapters BGA-2 are absolutely fantastic! They were used constantly on the production for "Soko Leipzig": I put them on the right and left side of the camera while we were in studio mode. In handheld mode I just screwed the grips to the ARRI shoulder set. Besides that, I really like the fact that you could choose different bicycle grips.

1st AC Mareike Böttcher-Renner

Mareike Renner

During the shoot for a Bugatti commercial, I used ARRI’s handle expansions and the LMB 4x5, which is currently my favorite gear. It’s super lightweight, well thought out and flexible.

We mounted the rubber sunshades onto the matte box which is especially helpful on car shoots, because it reduces the risk of damaging them.

Cinematographer Elias Maria Holzhe 

Maher Maleh -3 Kopie

We started out with camera accessories from another manufacturer, but for an extreme, 70-day shoot, the setup was not robust enough. Gradually we replaced every accessory on the camera with ARRI PCA, and after that we had no more problems at all. In my opinion, the Pro Cine Set from ARRI is the only stable, reliable, and well-thought-out accessory platform on the market to work professionally with the Sony Venice 2.

1st AC Fabio Seyding

Maher Maleh -3 Kopie

I was shooting with the Sony Venice 2 on a big five-camera setup with Ewan McGregor and the new ARRI PCA Pro Cine Set for Venice 2 was exactly what I needed. We were able to convert the camera quickly from studio mode to handheld and it made my assistant’s life much easier. Thanks ARRI, for listening to us!

DP Maher Maleh

Video room