Control and connectivity

Ease of use, familiar interface

Ease of use, familiar interface

Taking the renowned and proven benchmark of LED Fresnel fixtures to the next level, L-Series Plus offers enhanced connectivity by implementing network data input and lighting control via the ArtNet and Streaming ACN industry standards. Workflows are simplified by the familiar onboard control and user interface of the Classic SkyPanel.

Controlling creativity at your fingertips

At the heart of the L-Series are a few core concepts: tuneability, color fidelity, built to last quality, and ease of use. Three simple knobs allow the brightness, color temperature, and green/magenta point to be fine-tuned, while a focus knob on the side of each fixture allows for smooth adjustment of the beam spread, just like conventional sources.

On-board control

Being able to quickly access all lamphead parameters directly on the fixture is important. For this reason, an on-board controller for manual control and setting adjustments is available. Additional controls for color temperature and plus/minus green can be switched at the touch of a button to adjust hue and saturation, as well as two quick presets, that can be saved and recalled easily, anytime.

DMX control & Streaming ACN

The L-Series Plus, including the L5-C Plus and L7-C Plus, offer advanced DMX control capabilities. Both LED fixtures are fully RDM compatible and provide bi-directional feedback and reporting of key parameters such as system status, light engine operating hours, and DMX settings, which can be used to remotely assign and address all fixtures within a DMX network. Furthermore, Streaming ACN and ArtNet control is also implemented.

Prepared for wireless operation

Via the USB-A port, all L-Series Plus devices can also supply host power to third-party wireless DMX receivers, including ARRI's own SkyLink receiver.

Web portal view

The Web Portal is an easy way to make adjustments to your L-Series Plus over an Ethernet or WiFi network. This Web Portal allows for fast navigation and comprehensive control interfaces offer complete control over all aspects of the fixture directly from any web browser. DMX functions are also monitored in detail.

New SkyPanel Web Portal

Upgradable technology

As LED technology advances, so does L-Series' firmware. The L-Series Plus is based on the same proven firmware platform as the Classic SkyPanel.  The ability to upgrade and update via a simple USB connection ensures the LED Fresnel is always running at peak performance.

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