ALEXA 35 Live - Multicam System

ARRI Look. Seamless Integration.

A complete solution for live entertainment productions

The ALEXA 35 Live - Multicam System brings the cinematic ARRI look, unrivalled HDR, and a new level of creative control to live productions in a dockable multi-camera setup. The system combines the 4K ALEXA 35 Live camera, the Live Production System LPS-1 (comprising a Fiber Camera Adapter and Fiber Base Station), the Skaarhoj RCP, and a slew of bespoke Multicam accessories.


Incredible color, detail, depth, and HDR

The ALEXA 35 Live camera offers the uniquely cinematic ARRI look. Supporting an ongoing trend in live productions, the Super 35-sized 4K sensor enables shallow depth of field. Capturing 17 stops of dynamic range—more than any other camera on the market—it handles extreme lighting situations for the best results in SDR and HDR.


Choice of creative looks

ARRI cameras are renowned for making it easy to craft stunningly beautiful images and the ALEXA 35 Live - Multicam System provides all the common live production shading controls to continue this tradition into the live realm. But the system goes even further, with additional creative options that can quickly give any project a fresh look.

The built-in ARRI Look Library offers 87 cinematic looks that control color in three intensities and can be activated at the push of a button, catering to a huge variety of shooting scenarios. In addition, several specially developed Multicam looks provide time-saving presets for typical live production scenarios such as studios, concerts, or ski racing.   

Talk Show Look
Talk Show Look
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Seamless integration into live, multi-camera environments
Take full creative control

While the system is open to support any number of established remote control panels, the recommended tool of choice is the Skaarhoj RCP. It combines classical RCP handling with a powerful, fully customizable interface, making the most of ALEXA 35 Live’s exceptional image quality and offering additional creative possibilities.

Skaarhoj RCP Pro ARRI V2B

By using ARRI’s Camera Access Protocol (CAP), the Skaarhoj RCP enables traditional live painting as well as full control over camera settings, including some not covered by other RCPs, such as frame rate, REC start/stop, playback, and the selection of looks, ARRI Textures, and setup files.

Remote control, setup, configuration, and diagnostics

For fast setup and easy configuration, the ALEXA 35 Live - Multicam System is equipped with several carefully considered user interfaces, providing control when and where you need it. A jog wheel and display on both the Fiber Camera Adapter and the Fiber Base Station provide status display and allow on-the-spot adjustments, saving time and hassle. The ARRI Webremote allows full control of the camera, while a Multicam web interface provides full configuration of the Fiber Camera Adapter and Fiber Base Station, including signal routing, diagnostics, and software updates. The Skaarhoj Reactor web interface allows full control, configuration, and updating of the Skaarhoj RCP.

Bespoke Multicam accessories for live productions

The ALEXA 35 Live - Multicam System is available in different sets that meet the varied needs of customers. Multicam extension sets are also available for ALEXA 35 owners who want to expand into the live production market. A critical part of these sets are the many bespoke accessories that ARRI has created to tailor the system to different styles of live, multi-camera shooting.

Accessories (1)
Stabilizers and remote heads
Large box lens