A novel form of cinematic expression

A variable ND filter for professional filmmakers

The Cinefade VariND is the first easy-to-use, remotely controllable variable ND filter that offers multiple practical and creative applications.

Vary depth of field in film


Cinefade effect

  • Vary depth of field in one shot at constant exposure
  • Revolutionary new storytelling tool for cinematographers
  • Works with any camera and cine-lens
  • Easy and fast to setup and operate

VariND mode

  • Neutral Density rage from ND.4 to ND1.9+
  • Remotely and dynamically controllable VariND whenever the camera is inaccessible via cPRO hand unit
  • Directly adjustable in 1/3 stop increments without hand unit
  • Two high quality ARRI polarising filters

RotaPola mode

  • Removable Static Polariser to separately control the Motorised Polariser
  • Remotely and dynamically adjustable polarisation angle to control reflections etc. via cPRO hand unit
  • Directly adjustable in 5 degree increments without cPRO hand unit
  • maximum 180 degree rotation
Remotely controlled VariND

Whenever the camera is inaccessible, whether it's on a crane or on a Steadicam setup the Cinefade VariND allows precise exposure adjustment and enables dynamic exposure control, eg. for interior-to-exterior transition shots without riding the iris and affecting depth of field.The cmotion cPRO hand unit has four axis to which the VariND can be assigned for remote control. Two buttons on the VariND itself allow the ND value to be adjusted directly in a third of a stop without the need for a LCS.





The ability to vary my depth of field during a shot for creative effect is a wonderful storytelling tool. The Cinefade allows me to do this easily with precision and control.

Cinematographer Kate Reid BSC

I wanted a severe depth of field shift to accentuate Liam Neeson’s experience - something to isolate him from his surrounding world. Cinefade was exactly what we were looking for.

Cinematographer Paul Cameron ASC

Working with Cinefade is like entering a third dimension regarding the use of depth of field as a creative tool. It gave me the chance to portray the imbalanced relation of the characters to their environment in just one single shot.

Cinematographer Armin Franzen

The Cinefade is a great tool for a creative optical in-camera effect, which in the right circumstances can be incredibly dramatic.

Cinematographer David Raedecker

Cinefade enabled me to achieve exactly the effect I wanted. Easy to set up, quick
and responsive. A great piece of kit for the ACs and production.

Cinematographer Richard Donnelly