Behind the scene of a shot, using the newest, control & automation workflows and technologies.

Control & Automation

Streamline and standardize your production

We help studios and content creators to optimize and bring consistency to their productions.

Complex setups are made easy with powerful, real-time set management tools. Our services enable seamless planning from preproduction - through to shooting in a fully networked set environment.

ARRI control and monitor devices in real time and automate processes to reduce setup and shoot times, and create reproducable results in every take.

Tools designed for on-set coordination

Program complex camera, lens, accessory, and lighting automations in preproduction, using ARRI digital twins.

Execute previsualized camera moves on set, by utilizing familiar controllers, such as ARRI UMC-4 or Hi‑5, in combination with game engines or established VFX platforms.

Customize processes, for example, controlling multiple cameras and lighting fixtures with a single Hi‑5 hand unit, or recall complete set configurations using an iPad app.

Our networked set

  • Previsualization and set automation via Unreal Engine
  • Continuous health monitoring on location
  • Real-time control of complex setups
  • Lighting control and monitoring software tools
  • Powerful multi-device control app for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS

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