Controlled Lens Motors_LDE-1

Discontinued Controlled Lens Motors and Lens Data Encoder

CLM-3, CLM-5 and LDE-1

Lens Motors_CLM-3_CLM-5
The power you need

Three CLM lens motors offer a range of torque, speed, and size choices while all connecting directly to ALEXA Plus cameras, including the ALEXA LF. Powerful and fast, the CLM-3 is perfect for heavy lenses in difficult conditions. The CLM-5 is an extremely small and lightweight motor designed for demanding setups involving gimbals and aerial drones.

LDE-1_data (1)
Lens Data Encoder LDE-1

External lens encoder that connects to UMC-4 or ALEXA Plus motor sockets and enables lens metadata recording and streaming on productions using manual lens control or third party equipment. Includes 19mm rod clamp and magnetic inserts for use with 15 mm support rods. Compatible with CLM-3 inserts including the 5/8 inch inserts for Panavision rods.