Dynamic stabilized camerawork for live broadcasts

Creativity in real time

TRINITY Live is a refurbished TRINITY Gen.1 with an upgrade that turns it into the ideal stabilizer system for multi-camera productions. Whether for sports, music concerts, theatrical events, or live TV shows, TRINITY Live seamlessly weaves vibrant camerawork and a cinematic aesthetic into standard broadcast workflows, enabling extraordinary angles and truly dynamic camera moves.

Technical Features
  • Four extra 6G video lines for wireless transmission
  • Two 3G video lines for operator's monitor and program return
  • Ethernet communication for camera control in OB van
  • Master Grip TRINITY to control tilt and zoom
  • Tally Gen.2 with clear indications for talent and operator
  • Use with CCP Live for optimal integration of ALEXA Mini

Mechanical conversion features

  • Wireless video transmitter as counterweight

    The wireless video link, usually attached to the camera, is placed at the bottom of the TRINITY center post where it also functions as a counterweight, reducing the overall weight of the rig. 

    TRINITY Live
  • Flawless radio transmission

    Thanks to the repositioning of the wireless video link, the rotational radius of the antenna is reduced. As a result, the connection to the OB van is steady and reliable, making the TRINITY Live perfect for multi-camera applications.

    TRINITY Live
  • High resolution without artefacts

    The Vislink software provides a strong and stable radio contact, delivering two high-resolution 6G video lines in superior quality and the highest possible frame rate.

    TRINITYLive_Zurwiehe_Stage Teaser
  • Master Grip TRINITY for more creativity

    The ergonomic Master Grip TRINITY combines tilt and zoom functionality in a single device, further enabling operators to perform innovative, production-enriching movements.

    TRINITY Live

Perfect partners for TRINITY Live

Tally System Gen.2

The Tally System Gen.2 provides the talent and operator with a clear and easily readable signal to indicate that they are live. This second-generation system is a compact, flexible pair of units that can be mounted to many ARRI CSS devices.

Camera Control Panel CCP Live

The CCP Live is an upgraded CCP-1 that includes an HDMI downconverter, an HD-SDI Video Out socket, and a Tally Out socket, in addition to existing monitor and camera control functions. This allows the operator to get a direct monitor video feed from the camera even when both video outputs are used for 2 x 6G video.

The additional 1080 HD-SDI video signal allows a control monitor to be connected to the camera if both Video Out sockets are already in use. If the camera is integrated into a multi-camera setup, the Tally System Gen. 2 can be controlled via the Tally Out socket.

How to acquire TRINITY Live

  • If you already own a TRINITY Gen.1 and would like to make it broadcast-friendly, contact our service office in Munich. They will upgrade your stabilizer into a TRINITY Live and give you the option of booking the Master Grip TRINITY upgrade at the same time.

  • If you do not own a TRINITY Gen.1 yet, you can order a TRINITY Live through the ARRI Certified Pre‑Owned program. The stabilizer will be fully refurbished, upgraded, thoroughly tested, and provided to you with a one-year warranty.

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