ARRI TRINITY 2 in use filming dancers.


Motion beyond limits

ARRI ARTEMIS 2 and TRINITY 2 product image
Imagine the impossible

Elegantly combining mechanical and electronic stabilization, the hybrid TRINITY 2 sets a new high standard for body-mounted stabilization with seemingly impossible camera moves. Second-generation benefits include enhanced monitoring, rigging, and LBUS connectivity, as well as powerful control interfaces and easy on-the-fly adjustments.

360° rotation
ARRI TRINITY 2 Personalized rig in use
Personalize your rig
  • Flexible, user-assignable controls 
  • Multiple options for counterweight balancing
  • Combine 12 V and 24 V batteries of any type
  • Versatile, LBUS-based digital workflows
  • Comfortable vest for all body sizes

Move like never before
TRINITY 2 intuitive system
Learn fast, work fast
  • Intuitive menus and control interfaces
  • Every component aims to save time on set
  • Ergonomic design assists rapid familiarity
  • Clear markings for rig build and adjustment
  • Increased stability: easier for new operators

New components at a glance


The symmetric design of the head equalizes overall weight distribution, preventing any surprises during high-speed moves. New accessory interfaces increase counterweight options and a spirit bubble aids initial balancing. All cable sockets are on the back of the ring for easier reach and faster setup.

Master Grip TRINITY

The new Master Grip TRINITY is a versatile, single-hand controller. Two joysticks and six buttons can be assigned freely to rig, camera, and lens functions. One bracket attaches to the gimbal, the other to the monitor bracket; both can be positioned independently to suit your ergonomic preferences.

Remote Control Panel

The super-fast processor in the new remote control permits standalone system startup and on-the-fly adjustments. The touchscreen display provides quick access to functions and PID settings, and is equipped with a sleep mode. New operators will quickly become familiar with the intuitive interface.


The new pendulum is more compact and offers a variety of counterweight options via its four 3/8-16 mounting points. Just like the battery hanger, the pendulum features a simple clamp mechanism that makes it backwards-compatible with the first-generation TRINITY as well as TRINITY 2.

Lower Sled

The new sled, consisting of a rock-solid bottom stage, battery hanger, 19 mm rods, and new battery mounts, makes the lower section more versatile and much sturdier. Rods are available in carbon, aluminum, or steel, giving operators additional counterweight opportunities.

Master Grip TRINITY
Remote Control Panel
Lower Sled
Discover new perspectives
Smooth transitions between high and low modes

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