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RIA-1 Radio Interface Adapter

Universal connectivity

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A hub for the Hi-5 ecosystem

Capable of functioning as a receiver, transmitter, or motor controller, the RIA‑1 Radio Interface Adapter is a highly versatile component in the Hi‑5 ecosystem. Compact and robust, it supports ARRI's exchangeable radio modules and provides multiple connectors for wireless control of ARRI or third-party cameras and lenses.

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Swappable radio modules for different regions and locations

A true all-rounder

  • Supports ARRI’s exchangeable radio modules: RF-EMIP, RF-2400, and RF-900 (coming soon)
  • RX/TX switch: operates either as a receiver or a transmitter
  • Can connect to a camera for power, start/stop/tally, and camera control, and to LBUS devices for lens control
  • Compact motor controller
  • Multiple mounting interfaces: 3/8”, M4

  • Compatible with any camera
  • Also compatible with ARRI and cmotion control devices
  • Supports common distance measurers such as the ARRI UDM‑1, Focusbug Cine RT, and Cine Tape Measure via SERIAL interface

The orange radio is AMAZING. I have zero issues with signal, range and sending lens files. Just works.


Ryan Parkins

Focus Puller/1st AC

Having worked with ARRI wireless focus systems almost exclusively for over 20 years, using SUP 2.0 for the Hi‑5 and RIA‑1 is a game-changer in terms of responsiveness, stability, Focusbug integration, and customization to my personal needs. A lot of thought and diligence went into the development, which shows at once. Thank you for making my life as a focus puller that much easier!

Aurel Wunderer_af_BS86197

Aurel Wunderer

1st AC

For me the greatest thing the RIA‑1 offers is flexibility and options. With the RIA‑1 I have been able to make the most of the RF-2400 modules in extremely busy RF environments where the standard radio modules would not have been able to perform as well. On top of this, I can utilize the RIA‑1 to create compact wireless solutions for any LBUS device, like the OCU‑1 or Master Grips. This has enabled extremely portable control setups for any axis controller.

Jim McLean_RIA_1_image00004

Jim McLean

1st AC

The RIA‑1 is the perfect complement to the Hi‑5 platform. With the RIA‑1 I can use the RF-2400 Radio Module on the Hi‑5, which gives me improved connection at locations with difficult radio situations. Another bonus is the improved speed of the Cine RT because of the new high-speed protocol integrated into the RIA‑1, which makes it a powerful helper in certain situations, saving my bacon. The RIA‑1 is now a standard part of my working setup.


Karl Keil

1st AC

The ability to seamlessly integrate the Focusbug and its menu onto my Hi‑5 was only possible because of the RIA‑1!


Ambar B Capoor

Focus puller/camera technician

The RIA‑1 is a fantastic device with huge possibilities. My favorite configuration is RIA‑1 together with OCU‑1. Thanks to this configuration DP or DIT can control the iris and functional buttons at the same time as I pull focus, which is very comfortable while working with crane or Steadicam.

Andrzej Hijewski

Andrzej Hijewski

1st AC

ARRI Tech Talk: RIA-1

Thumbnail_Sean_Dooley_RIA-1 Tech Talk

Sample setups

RIA‑1 in Host mode as a motor controller and communication gateway with an ALEXA 35 camera

Hi‑5 connected to RIA‑1 (Host) for ALEXA Mini LF camera and lens control

RIA‑1 in Client mode enabling wireless motor control with an OCU‑1

Hi‑5 connected to RIA‑1 (Host) for ALEXA Mini LF camera and lens control

Hi‑5 connected to RIA‑1 (Host) for camera and lens control of ALEXA classic cameras

Hi‑5 connected to RIA‑1 (Host) for AMIRA camera and lens control

RIA‑1 in Host mode as a motor controller and communication gateway with 3rd party cameras

RIA-1 and Radio modules

RIA-1 Cable Guide

CAM Cables

Wireless expansion for LBUS controllers


Simple user interface

Technical data


Transmissive TFT-LCD Display

0.96" diagonal


150 g / 5.29 oz


2x LBUS (4pin Lemo)

1x CAM (7pin Lemo)

1x SERIAL (4pin Lemo)

1x USB-C

1x Radio Module Interface

Supply Voltage:

10.5 V – 34.0 V DC

Power Consumption:

1 W (RIA‑1 body)

1.4 W (RIA‑1 body with RF-EMIP)

2.5 W (RIA‑1 body with RF-2400)

2 W (RIA‑1 body with RF-900)

3 W (RIA‑1 body with RF-900 high)

Operating Temperature:

-20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)