ARTEMIS 2 in Use walking downstairs as a body-mounted steadicam rig.


Pure stability

ARRI camera body Stabilizer ARTEMIS 2 product picture.
A new generation

ARTEMIS 2 is a mechanical stabilizer for broadcast and cine applications, offering new features and an easy upgrade path to TRINITY 2. ARRI SAM plates allow quick mounting of many different cameras, and a versatile battery system provides intelligent 12/24 V power. The new sled with 19 mm rods aids counter-weight balancing, while two new post lengths expand creative applications. 

Compact design
ARRI Camera Body Stabilizer ARTEMIS 2 used as a broadcast steadicam.
Versatile and timesaving
  • Fast workflows with many different cameras 
  • Any combination of 12 V or 24 V batteries 
  • Tool-less and multi-tool adjustments
  • Three different center post lengths
  • Compact components maximize agility 

Fast and nimble
ARRI Broadcast steadicam, ARTEMIS 2 showing the setup.
Long-term investment
  • Legendary ARRI build quality
  • Future-proof digital connectivity
  • Modular, upgradable system
  • ARRI service and support network
  • Continuing a 20-year success story


Easy upgrade

A quick and easy upgrade transforms ARTEMIS 2 into the hybrid TRINITY 2, which adds electronic stabilization for an even wider range of movements and angles. Around 80% of the new components for the second-generation system are shared by TRINITY 2 and ARTEMIS 2.

Top stage

The compact top stage has a new clamp mechanism for camera-specific SAM plates. Connectivity improvements include 2 x 12G video for future standards, 12/24 V high-capacity power out, battery data, and 16-pin docking socket. Multi-HEX mount points add new counterweight options. 

Battery hanger

The new-generation battery hanger takes up to three battery inputs, providing 12 V and 24 V intelligently regulated camera power and system power. All settings are visible on the self-levelling display, and rotating connectors optimize cable management no matter where the batteries are positioned.

Battery mounts

New B-Mount, Gold Mount, and V-Mount battery mounts allow operators to use whatever combination of battery type and voltage is available on location, with efficiency never falling below 95%. Batteries can be positioned anywhere on the 19 mm bars for precise weight distribution and fast balancing.

New post lengths

In addition to the standard center post, two new post lengths are now available. The longer Super Post allows more extreme camera positions and angles, either higher up or further out from the operator's body. The Shorty Post is suited to fast, agile work or space-constrained locations.

Monitor bracket

Four different monitor sets are offered with the ARTEMIS 2, all accommodated by the new, wider monitor bracket. Redesigned sliding rods aid balancing and allow monitors to be positioned closer to the lower sled for compact setups. The new post clamp can be mounted to either the outer or inner post.

Easy upgrade
Top stage
Battery hanger
Battery mounts
New post lengths
Monitor bracket

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