ARRI 360 EVO - Stabilized Remote Head

360 EVO

Rock steady and roll ready

Stabilization comes full circle

The 360 EVO lives up to its name: 360-degree rotation not only on the pan axis, but also on the roll axis, enables filmmakers to take their creative visions even further. It offers an easy upgrade path for SRH owners and seamless adoption for TRINITY operators, thanks to shared software and accessories, as well as remote system integration, heavy payloads, versatile connectivity, and an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Features at a glance

  • Full-circle rotation on the roll axis

    360-degree rotation on the roll axis, revolving around the optical center of the lens, enables even more creativity for films, dramas, commercials, and music videos. Exceptionally dynamic roll-axis shots can be achieved by mounting the head to a crane, for example, or a cable cam above a live broadcast event.

  • Wide variety of setup options

    The robustly-built remote head can be combined with a huge range of grip equipment, including cranes, dollies, cars, or even motorbikes. Switching between different rigs is fast and efficient, benefitting all kinds of productions. The 360 EVO performs reliably, regardless of whether the camera package is small and compact, or whether a cinematic setup with long zooms is required.

  • Cross-compatible with TRINITY 2 hardware

    The 360 EVO is beautifully integrated into the CSS product family and grants an easy skill expansion for TRINITY 2 operators. Both products share cables, brackets, and SAM plates for mounting different cameras, and can be controlled by the same tools, such as ARRI’s Digital Remote Wheels DRW-1 and Digital Encoder Head DEH-2. TRINITY 2 customers can therefore invest in the 360 EVO without having to double up on accessories or learn new workflows.

  • Intuitive user interface

    The 360 EVO runs on the same software platform as the TRINITY 2 stabilizer. Its modular and highly responsive remote control panel features digital encoder buttons, manual control options, and the same popular and intuitive GUI as TRINITY 2 displayed on its touchscreen monitor, making operation of the remote head easy and timesaving on set.

  • Flexible control options

    Plug-and-play control of the 360 EVO over the internet is possible when using an authorized repeater cloud service, providing exceptional flexibility of control options. LBUS connectivity enables efficient digital and metadata workflows, while the new software and GUI are focused on long-term Unreal Engine integration to facilitate virtual production.

Feature tour

Technical benefits

Quick connections

All sockets are at the rear of the head for easy cabling. The 360 EVO offers a variety of possible connections, such as 12/24 V camera power, LBUS, 12 V AUX power, 12 V/tally, 6G video, and connectors for external radio modules.

Highly versatile

The Stabilized Remote Head 360 EVO is compatible with existing ARRI SAM plates and CSS brackets, which not only facilitates working with an array of different ARRI and third-party cameras and lenses, but also enables fast yet rock-solid setups.

Improved remote control panel

The digital encoder buttons on the RCP-2 EVO remote control panel, as well as its intuitive navigation menu, make for a fast learning curve, easy set-up of the system, and smooth operating.


SRH‑360 owners can purchase an upgrade to full 360 EVO specification and benefit from the latest technical improvements.

This upgrade is carried out by our service offices, which you can reach here.

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