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Sony SxS PRO+

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Truly durable recording media

SxS PRO+ cards are reliable and durable recording media. They were used in countless productions since we began to use them in the first generation of ALEXA cameras.

ALEXA Classic can use the cards directly. The following generations of ALEXAs had to be fitted with an SxS adapter, because they could use SxS PRO+ cards for Apple ProRes or Codex Capture Drives for ARRIRAW recording. There is a dedicated SxS adapter for the ALEXA XT and one for both ALEXA SXT W and ALEXA LF.

End of Support

The last version of SxS PRO+ cards (E-Series) unfortunately also is the final chapter for ARRI and SxS. With SxS PRO X, Sony introduced a new generation of these cards, which brought some technical requirements that cannot be met in our range of ALEXA cameras.