LiOS - Lighting Operating System

Powerful software

For all our LED lighting products, we provide state-of-the-art software and fast, easy firmware updates. ARRI’s latest LED lights, SkyPanel X and Orbiter, operate on proprietary software called LiOS, or Lighting Operating System.

LiOS amalgamates and expands on the innovative features of ARRI’s LED lights, making our fixtures among the most fully featured on the market. With each update, the software for SkyPanel X and Orbiter becomes even more user-friendly and customizable. The latest LiOS3.1 version for SkyPanel X and Orbiter is now available for download.

Product-specific features of LiOS3.1

While LiOS3.1 forms the core foundation for both SkyPanel X and Orbiter, its influence manifests uniquely within each product. The versatility of LiOS3.1 is harnessed in distinct ways, tailored to the individual demands of these two fixtures.

Features of LiOS3.1 in SkyPanel X

And more features to come in the future.

Features of LiOS3.1 in Orbiter

  • SkyPanel X and Orbiter features three ALEXA Modes, which support the color science of the ALEXA 35 and previous ALEXA/AMIRA cameras.

  • On top of the various color modes in LiOS, Orbiter's Color Sensor Mode is accessible directly from certain color modes like CCT or HSI and can also be integrated into favorites and cues. The matching of ambient light has never been easier, allowing for final manual adjustment if needed.

  • Time matters on every production, and with the LiOS Sync Mode, light output can be triggered when and how the camera needs it. This LiOS automation is designed to let the crew focus on more creative tasks. Sync Mode allows the lighting parameters to be enabled or changed in sync with the camera frames. Even frame brightness or CCT range can be changed to accommodate new creative ideas.

  • Changeable optics is the Orbiter’s core innovation. The Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) in Orbiter allows for optics with vastly different properties to be connected to the fixture. Contact pins in the QLM interface read out information from mounted optics, while the optics status is shown on the user interface in real time and transferred via metadata.

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  • For Orbiter, the DMX Mode Spec V5 allows more convenient network operation and additional features within the LiOS3 update. For example, the zoom range of the Orbiter Fresnel Lens can be operated, allowing for Extended Color Control (ECC) to be directly available. Of course, all elements are also addressable via RDM.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 control works for Orbiter, but you will need to use a USB Bluetooth 5.0 adapter and install the LiOS3 Beta-version and the ARRI LiCo app.

And more features to come in the future.

Discover the dynamic capabilities of LiOS3 across two distinct products

LiOS3 is cutting-edge software that brings out the best in two exceptional products from our portfolio – SkyPanel X and Orbiter. As we step forward into the future, LiOS3 is at the forefront, enabling features and functionalities tailored to each product's unique character. Amidst this continual evolution, the software’s core functionalities remain consistent…

03 8colors modes
Various color modes with plenty of extras

LiOS offers numerous color modes, including CCT, HSI, direct LED control, X/Y, gel, source matching, and effects.

There are further color modes, but with some differences between SkyPanel X and Orbiter—learn more.

05 Cue Mode_NEU
Cue Mode – for precisely timed lighting control

Exact timing is critical for capturing dynamic images, so Cue Mode enables precise, on-the-spot lighting control. Operators can set and time their key lighting parameters to perfection. Besides variable timing and workflow options, the new Cue Mode also allows for fluid and easy light changes in different lighting modes. The transition can be selected from five different options, already known from SkyPanel.

Extended Color Control (ECC)

Finding the perfect color can sometimes be a daunting task. With Extended Color Control, this process becomes easy and intuitive. Simply pick a starting color such as a digital gel, HSI value, or color temperature and use the eight new color adjustments to push the color in the desired direction. These color parameters include warmer/cooler, saturate/desaturate, +/- red, +/- green, +/- blue. +/- cyan, +/- magenta, +/- yellow.

Gel library extension

SkyPanel X and Orbiter are more advanced and capable than any other ARRI light. With LiOS, the RGBACL full-spectrum color engine of SkyPanel X and ARRI Spectra, Orbiter's six-color light engine, can now translate even more colors and nuances. By extending the gel library available through LiOS, we are maintaining our commitment to an expanding set of features and options. There are already more than 170 additional gels to choose from.

07 Gel library_NEU
06 Additional languages
Choose your language

At ARRI we believe that communication is key and a preference for one's native language is universal. What is easier than communicating in your mother tongue? Our additional language package now supports Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean, allowing even more crew members around the world to operate their LED fixtures with ease.

There are eight language options available in total: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean, with more to come.

09 Fully Customizable_NEU
Fully customizable

Various operational modes and settings allow SkyPanel X and Orbiter to adapt to any possible demand or application. Customizable choices include light quality and fan mode settings, as well as dimmer curves and transition types. Tungsten emulation, flicker-free high-speed mode, and an option to use external triggers are also built in.

User-programmable interface

Every user will find their own way to create fantastic lighting with their ARRI fixture. The User button is designed to give you quick access to your personal settings and workflow. Hold down the user button to program and store your own navigation menu.

Network options

DMX/RDM Gateway function

Any SkyPanel X or Orbiter can now act as a transformer from input Ethernet-based control protocols such as ArtNet and Streaming ACN (sACN) towards output of 5-pin DMX for daisy-chaining of multiple units. RDM messages are sent and received bi-directionally, eliminating the need for external or third-party devices for control protocol conversion.
You can now save up to 10 DMX user presets for SkyPanel X and Orbiter.

LiOS_1_2_Features_02_DMX-RDM_1 (1)

Network options

Streaming ACN

With the implementation of sACN, SkyPanel X and Orbiter support all industry-standard lighting control protocols. This makes the fixtures even more flexible and allows for their integration into additional control environments.


Network options


Using Host/Client mode, you can use one SkyPanel X to control multiple other SkyPanel Xs, or one Orbiter to control multiple other Orbiters. Client fixtures will simply mimic all actions made by their Host fixture. You cannot mix SkyPanel Xs and Orbiters on the same Host/Client network.

orbiter-update lios 1-3-live-view-quick-choices
Live View for quick choices

With Live View every gel or source is active while scrolling through the options. This feature gives you a quick preview to help you make decisions. Live View Off requires a short press on the encoder to activate the selected gel or source.

More features


Help is just a click away. Call up or dismiss additional information with one click of the Help button. LiOS will give you a detailed explanation of the current menu button or parameter choice.


More features

Detailed error information

LiOS takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting. If a yellow dot (warning) or a red dot (error) sign is showing, additional detailed information is available via the Help button. The text also provides you with instructions to solve the issue.


More features


Over 240 of your favorite colors or lighting effects can be stored within LiOS3. These favorites can be selected via an easy-to-use interface or via DMX.


Invest in the future

Software and firmware are playing an increasingly critical role in modern lighting design. Like most digital devices, ARRI LED products facilitate fast and easy firmware updates; one simple step equips your lighting fixture with amazing new features. Every update also brings many smaller improvements to create a better user experience and enhance performance. The internal webpage for settings, maintenance, and control of the SkyPanel X and Orbiter are constantly being improved, making the devices easier to use. Updates also implement subtle enhancements to the graphical user interface across the entire LiOS system, as well as stability improvements that make your LED fixture even more reliable.

Since the introduction of ARRI’s LED product line, we have been continually offering free firmware updates and supporting software. Your ARRI LED product can be years old and completely up to date at the same time.



The latest LiOS3.1 version for SkyPanel X and Orbiter is now available for download.