SkyPanel X - modular experience

Choose the output, pick the size: meet the modular system of SkyPanel X.

SkyPanel X modular system

ARRI's SkyPanel X brings advanced LED technology to the forefront with its flexible modular concept. By quickly and seamlessly expanding into multiple sizes, the SkyPanel X offers enhanced possibilities and meets the extensive needs of modern sets. It offers three configurations: X21 (a 2:1 unit), X22 (an expanded 2:2 surface), and X23 (a large 2:3 panel), capable of generating either wide soft light or intense hard light, via HyPer Optics or X21 Domes.

Modular options


Assembling the modular SkyPanel X


With ARRI's quick-lock system, setting up your modular light is a breeze. Choose between a traditional yoke or spigots directly on the frames, and configure your large fixture as an array in just two minutes, including wiring. It's quick, reliable, and really bright.

The X22 square panel

  • Experience ARRI's innovative modular concept, delivering up to 9,600 lux at a 10 m/33 ft range.
  • Discover the flexibility of our modular design: a powerful hardlight, a wide-aperture soft light, or a hybrid combination.
  • Our 2:2 square array offers a single rounded beam when mounting two HyPer Optics, plus 16 pixel zones.
  • The X22 showcases ARRI's efficiency, requiring only one X Modular Yoke, one ALL-WEATHER Control Panel, and one DMX profile.

The X23 vertical unit

- ARRI's modular technology delivers up to 14,400 lux at 10 m/33 ft.

- Our array concept serves as a soft light, a hard light, or a hybrid combination with 24 pixel zones.

- The 2:3 modular configuration offers a single rounded beam when three HyPer Optics are mounted.

- X23 only requires one X Modular Yoke, one ALL-WEATHER Control Panel, and one DMX profile.

Pure soft light – with X21 Domes or S60 Adapters
Pure hard light – with HyPer Optics
X Modular Yoke
X23 Modular Frame
Control abilities
  • Pure soft light – with X21 Domes or S60 Adapters


    In the world of lighting solutions, versatility is key. The X23 fixture from SkyPanel X provides exceptional flexibility: up to three X21 Domes can be combined to create a powerful soft light with just one seamless shadow.

    Chimera takes this versatility a step further by providing a spacious Lightbank designed specifically for the SkyPanel X23, ensuring you have ample coverage for your lighting needs.

    But that's not all – with a simple modification to the X23 Modular Frame, creating more space between the three lampheads, SkyPanel X23 can also accommodate up to three S60 Adapters. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to attach a wide range of existing SkyPanel S60-C accessories to your X23 fixture, making it even more adaptable.
    It's all about maximizing your creative potential through customizable lighting.

  • Pure hard light – with HyPer Optics


    Mounting HyPer Optics over the SkyPanel X transforms it into a native hard light luminaire with a refined, rounded beam. Depending on the output needs or size format, the SkyPanel X can be used as one 2:1 hard light (X21) in backlight applications, as a squared 2:2 hard light (X22) to throw light through windows, or as a powerful 2:3 hard light (X23) for cherry picker or condor use. To enhance color mixing over close-to-medium distances, the HyPer Optic allows the attachment of diffusion frames right after the individual lenses. While the HyPer Optic delivers an accurate, narrow beam that can be cut from a far distance, it is possible to attach a foldable DoPchoice SNAPBOX® SNOOT or a SNAPGRID® eggcrate directly over the lens, allowing for glare and spill control.

    SkyPanel X23 with HyPer Optics can be the ideal choice to replace your Brutes, 9-light FAYs, and Quarter Wendy Lights with a more sustainable LED solution. With the X23 and HyPer Optics, you will get a very similar output and shadow from a fixture that is roughly the same size and weight, while dramatically reducing your power consumption and distro cost, and eliminating the hassle of replacing lamps and gels.

  • X Modular Yoke


    The X Modular Yoke is a silver aluminum yoke designed to work together with either the X22 Modular Frames or the X23 Modular Frames. It includes a 28mm spigot and it can be disassembled for storage. The whole process of connecting the frames to the yoke or installing the luminaires into this rigging system is completely toolless, and it does not take more than 2 or 3 minutes. Those users who want to benefit from all yoke-based modular possibilities, can order the SkyPanel X Modular System - this is a package that includes one X Modular Yoke together with the Frames for X22 and the Frames for X23, plus all the daisy chain power and data cables.

  • X23 Modular Frame


    The X23 Modular Frame includes three Quick-Lock mounting brackets, a set of tilt-lock handles, and a heavy-duty handle for carrying. The Modular Frame can be installed onto the X Modular Yoke for a seamless stirrup format, or you can rig the Modular Frame directly via standard 28mm spigots with C-clamps or pipe clamps for a low-profile install. The X23 Modular Frame allows for the mounting of three X21 lampheads, and the distance between them is optimized to create an X23 native hard light with three HyPer Optics, a native soft light with three X21 Domes, or a combination of both. These Modular Frames can also fit three lampheads with S60 Adapters, after adjusting the distance between each Quick-Lock Bracket with a tool.

  • Cabling


    It's a simple and quick process, since all cables are integrated into the modular frames of the X Modular System. Connect the power via the provided TRUE1 daisy-chain cables, from one unit to the next. Connect the data via the provided EtherCON daisy-chain cables, from one unit to the next. The order is not important; however, remember to convert the three units into one X23 array via the "Array Setup" page of the user menu in the ALL-WEATHER Control Panel, if you want to enjoy all the advantages of the X22 and/or X23 concept (such as using one, single DMX profile and one, single control panel to control the whole array, while keeping individual control over the pixel zones).

    Remember that after this process, you will only need one 20 A TRUE1 mains power cable to run the whole array, and one single Ethernet cable coming from your controller or console. If you lose or break the daisy-chain cables, you can order new ones via ARRI or you can simply use any other standard TRUE1 and Ethernet cables rated for the same power consumption and network use.

  • Control abilities


    If you want to control the X22 or X23 as one single panel with up to 24 pixel zones, you will need to set the two (X22) or three (X23) fixtures as an array in the user interface of the ALL-WEATHER Control Panel. This setup will remain until you ungroup the fixtures in the array. All in all, you are ready to go from the case to the set in about three minutes.

    If you want to use one single control panel to operate three units in a stirrup, you simply group the three fixtures as one X23 in the ALL-WEATHER Control Panel, and they will obey the same parameters when operated manually. If this X23 array is then connected to a DMX controller, the programmer will only need to patch one fixture with 85 DMX channels in order to operate the X23 and its 24 RGB pixel zones.


Lisa Maria Müller

Gaffer, Germany

The massive output, its combination possibilities - I could almost shoot a whole movie with only SkyPanel X.


Uwe Greiner

Gaffer, Germany

What truly excites me is how a spotlight can be generated from three individual units. To me, this will undoubtedly become the replacement for 4 kW HMIs in the future. It boasts full color and level control, which is something I've been eagerly anticipating for a long time.

Want to rig more than three units?

With our SkyPanel X Twin Quick-Lock Bracket you can rig as many units as needed, directly on truss or pipe. Alternatively, use the X22/X23 Modular Frames with or without X Modular Yokes and clamps for X22 and X23 overhead use.

SkyPanel X packages

Explore SkyPanel X's packages. Find the perfect configuration for your needs with our flexible solution for studio lighting, outdoor film locations, corporate environments, virtual productions and live events.


  • Yes, with an IP rating of 66. This includes all the elements in the system, such as lampheads and accessories. Make sure to use the included caps in the connectors that are not wired.

  • Yes. You can simply attach a spigot or a clamp on the tube of each modular frame, and grab truss or pipe directly. This way you will save the space that the X Modular Yoke needs, gaining some extra height for low-ceiling sets.

  • Yes. You can use our Twin Quick-Lock Bracket for attaching as many units as needed, in combination with truss or pipe. Alternatively, use the X22/X23 Modular Frames with or without X Modular Yokes and clamps.

  • Yes you can; simply group the three fixtures as one X23 in the ALL-WEATHER Control Panel and they will obey the same parameters when operated manually. If this X23 array is then connected to a DMX controller, the programmer will only need to patch one fixture with 85 DMX channels, in order to operate the X23 and its 24 RGB pixel zones.

  • For this application, you will need a motorized arm and a specific frame that fits X23; some rental companies can deliver this service to you. Since the weight of one X23 is similar to a S360-C, there are no special requirements to be observed.

  • Yes. The quick-lock system allows for one person to assemble and dissasemble each individual unit into and out of the X22/X23 Modular Frames. For assembly, simply remove the X21 Manual Yoke and mount the unit from above in the X22/X23 Modular Frames, until you hear two clicks (one on each side). Make sure you are using one safety cable from each lamphead to the frames. When all units are mounted into the frames, wire the power and the data. To dissasemble the units, first disconnect the daisy-chain cables. Rotate the frame so that the fixtures are pointed forward and their handles are at the top. Grab the top lamphead by the handle with one hand and unlock the first quick-release with the other hand. Then do the same with the other side, and pull from the handle. Now the unit is dissasembled.


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