Harness the full potential of SkyPanel X with our accessories, designed for fast and simple on-set workflows. Whether you need soft light, hard light, or flexible modularity, our SkyPanel X extensions are tailored for diverse configurations. Every X21 lamphead comes with a complimentary X21 Dome for easy soft light use.

Choose from ARRI's expertly curated SkyPanel X packages, each offering an X21 lamphead, X21 Dome, X21 Manual Yoke, and ALL-WEATHER Control Panel.

Soft light accessories

Our SkyPanel X soft light accessories include the X21 Dome and trusted accessories from DoPchoice and Chimera. Use the S60 Adapter to integrate all SkyPanel S60 accessories seamlessly.

X21 Dome

The X21 Dome is a hot-swappable rounded diffuser that quickly attaches to the X21.

S60 Adapter

The S60 Adapter works as an exact replica of the Classic SkyPanel S60-C front, allowing all SkyPanel S60-C front accessories and the Beam Enhancer Filter to be used.

Hard light accessories

Mounting HyPer Optics over the SkyPanel X transforms it into a native hard light luminaire and even allows for the attachment of filters and diffusers directly after the lenses.

HyPer Optic

The HyPer Optic is a hot-swappable multi-lens designed for the X21, fully compatible with third-party accessories such as DoPchoice's SNAPBOX® SNOOT and SNAPGRID®.

Control and cables

SkyPanel X Packages


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