S60 Adapter

Iconic soft lighting just got better

  • Adapter for accurate S60-C front replication
  • Maintains accessory compatibility: Lightbanks, honeycombs, SkyBenders, and more
  • Your existing accessory inventory can be reused
  • For perfect light distribution and accurate control

Size: 709 x 95 x 347 mm / 27.9 x 3.7 x 13.6 in

Weight: approx. 2 kg / 4.2 lb

Broadcast applications

Leverage SkyPanel X's enhanced color performance with S60-C accessories:

  • Grids control overhead spill light effectively
  • SkyBenders are ideal for greenscreen lighting
Unlock virtual production capabilities

Superior lighting control is achieved with the S60 Adapter and via our grids, SkyBenders, and 8-pixel design for ideal pixel mapping.


Navigating lighting trends on a budget can be daunting. Keep renting and using S60-C accessories for consistent quality and extended ROI with ARRI products.

Photometrical data

MicrosoftTeams-image (10)


  • The SkyPanel X with the X21 Dome attached delivers more lumen and more lux output than the SkyPanel X with the S60 Adapter plus Standard S60-C diffusion attached. However, users can always exchange the Standard diffusion with the S60-C Intensifier in the S60 Adapter, or directly using it without diffusion for the highest possible lumen output.

  • Both options deliver great native soft light; the right choice depends on your working dynamics. The X21 Dome is the most convenient option for a simple and fast setup, while the S60 Adapter offers the most accurate way of cutting, shaping and modifying the beam spread. While the X21 Dome is brighter than the combination of S60 Adapter and Standard S60-C diffusion, the S60 Adapter brings the possibility of reusing the many existing S60-C accessories, such as honeycombs, SkyBenders, or barndoors.

  • Any and all accessories that can be attached to the front of the S60-C can be used with this adapter. The accessory slots are available, as well as the side rails for mounting Chimera Lightbanks.


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