Representation of the B-Mount battery for cameras and lighting.


Powering the future

Representation of the battery plate, a 24 volt camera and a lighting system.
24 V open-standard battery system

The B-Mount battery interface is an open industry standard endorsed by ARRI and the wider industry. Providing high-capacity 24 V power, but also able to support 12 V, B-Mount offers more efficiency and improved data communication over previous systems. Cross-compatible with camera, lighting, and stabilizer equipment from manufacturers worldwide, it enables productions to streamline their power requirements.

B-Mount offers decisive advantages

Anton Bauer battery represented at ARRI lighting and camera products.
One solution for all
  • One industry standard for cameras, lights and stabilizers
  • Worldwide availability of B-Mount batteries from multiple manufacturers
  • Adaptable to existing products and battery standards
  • Brand agnostic, with tech spec standards published openly
  • B-Mount products available from most major equipment manufacturers
Camera battery supply on ARRI camera in action.
Rock-solid mounting interface
  • Adapting to the new industry standard of 24 V
  • Sturdy connection to cameras and lights
  • Designed for camera operators who grip the battery
  • Side-loading interface for easier on-set workflows
  • One-handed release operation
  • Resistant to vibrations on stabilizer rigs
24 volt camera system in close-up during usage.
High-powered and efficient
  • High-power specification for next-gen cameras and LED lighting
  • Future-proof for on-set power needs, specified to a minimum of 15 A at 24 V
  • 24 V allows for more efficient power delivery and compact product design
  • 12/24 V bi-voltage batteries support adapting to V-Mount or Gold Mount
  • Robust electrical contacts avoid damage to contact blocks
battery plate being used on camera by third party.
Next-gen data and diagnostics
  • Advanced SMBUS communication
  • Accurate information on run time and charge time, even with stackable batteries
  • Battery identification in camera metadata
  • Battery max. load info avoids overload shutdown of camera equipment
  • Fleet management diagnostics ensure quality control for rental houses
camera battery supply lies on the table.
Ideal for compact camera setups
  • Smaller mounting interface allows use with more compact devices and accessories than existing 12 V systems
  • Release mechanics are now inside the battery, resulting in a thinner battery plate design
  • Batteries that support bi-voltage can be adapted to V-Mount or Gold-Mount 12 V

B-Mount explained

Major players back B-Mount

Leading battery manufacturers have got behind the B-Mount system, ensuring it becomes an international industry standard.

Logo of AntonBauer in association with the battery plate.
Logo of bebob in association with the battery plate.
Logo of CORE SWX in association with the b mount battery.
Logo of FXLION in association with the b mount battery.
Logo of Hawk-Woods in association with the b mount battery.
Logo of IDX in association with the b mount battery.
Logo of SWIT in association with the b mount battery.