ARRI Approved Certified Pre-Owned

Affordable, reliable excellence - guaranteed

Working with ARRI’s multiple-award winning products is the desire of many filmmakers. The ARRI Approved Certified Pre-Owned program gives you a cost-effective and affordable way to fulfill that desire – and for less than you might think. All the products we offer in this program will help you capture beautiful, top-class images, with the reliability you expect from ARRI.

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You can be sure that every piece of equipment has undergone a thorough examination and service, is fully calibrated, and has been rigorously tested. Before we release it for sale, we ensure that it is worthy of an ‘ARRI Approved’ certificate, and the backing of our warranty scheme for one year. When you buy ARRI Approved Certified Pre-Owned equipment, you can be confident that you are not sacrificing performance for price.

Our Promise

ARRI Quality

ARRI’s attention to detail, and our intimate knowledge of conditions on set over more than a hundred years have resulted in generations of cameras that are robust, reliable and simple to operate. We know that production can be tough, and that our cameras will have to function properly anywhere, in all conditions, day after day, shot after shot.

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ARRI's Stamp of Approval

During the certification process the ARRI service center performs a thorough check of parameters, including image sensor quality, recording functions, connectors, flange focal distance, audio system, and ARRI Lens Control System. The overhaul also includes an update to the latest Software Update Package (SUP) of the respective model. Before the ARRI Certificate of Approval is issued, the equipment goes through the same Final Function Test as new cameras, ensuring it meets the high standards expected of it. Once all functions have been checked and approved, ARRI engineers issue an official printed certificate, which will come with every camera.


Customer Confidence

The ARRI Approved Certified Pre-Owned products are covered by a one year warranty. They give you quality that you can rely on, and service you can trust.



I acquired my Alexa Classic through the ARRI CPO program and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the warm attention that I was given from the very beginning up to when I had the camera in my hands. 

Juan Luis Cavazos (Known for: Ven, Hoy no and many more)

The ARRI CPO program broadens the horizon for independent filmmakers. This initiative enables purchasing of ARRI cameras and accessories with all the guarantees and support. We acquired an ALEXA Classic and we couldn't be happier with it! 

Carlos Harbar, Producciones Harcom

The ALEXA Mini is the only camera I'm always sad to leave at the end of a shoot. It is so light, so versatile, so reliable, and in my opinion offers the greatest freedom of expression and closeness to the actors. I'm very happy to have invested in the camera of my dreams and am excited to own it!

Naomi Amarger (Known for: Le ciel attendra, La fête des mères, and many more)

After five years of traveling the world with my AMIRA, I decided to invest in an ALEXA Mini LF with a full frame sensor. I was lucky enough to be able to benefit from ARRI's CPO program. The camera is verified and certified by the brand, which allowed me to save money on the camera body and to complete this purchase with additional accessories.

Jérôme de Gerlache (Known for: Heart of Glass, Là où on va, and many more)

ARRI’s CPO program is opening the door for low-budget filmmakers to achieve big-budget results—Never before has it been possible for a micro-budget feature to look so polished.

Noam Kroll (Known for: Psychosynthesis, Shadows on the Road and many more)

They are always quick to respond and are helpful in coming up with solutions.

Robert Cauble (Known for: Crimes Against Humanity, Neighborhood Food Drive and many more) about the service that comes with the ARRI CPO program.