ARRI MAXIMA, the three Axis stabilized Gimbal in action.


High performance gimbal

The MAXIMA is a three-axis, electronically fully stabilized, high-performance gimbal. Its compact, lightweight design and perfect center of gravity provide new levels of freedom, while its stable construction allows for compatibility with any camera system weighing 30 kg / 66 lb. or less. Cameras like the ALEXA 35, Mini LF, and Mini; AMIRA; ARRICAM LT; ARRIFLEX 235 and 416; any TV Box Camera; or cameras with similar dimensions to these, can be used with the MAXIMA. Using the new SAM plates ensures fast setup times and perfect COG (center of gravity) of the camera.

At the center of the unique design is an extremely durable ball bearing roll cage, as well as specially designed brushless high-torque motors. Together they deliver smooth, dynamic camera moves and plenty of power in reserve, no matter how demanding the application.


Best overall production value

  • Handheld 3-axis camera stabilizer system
  • High torque brushless motors with a payload capacity up to 30 Kg/66 lb.
  • Allows the use of: ALEXA LF, ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA Mini, AMIRA, 235, 416, TV Box Cameras or non-ARRI cameras with similar dimensions and form factor
features_maxima_best overall production value

© Yves Krier

Excellent operator benefits

  • Joystick can be freely positioned
  • Offset and off-balance compensation up to 2 kg / 4.4 lb.
  • Wireless remote control for pan, tilt, and roll
  • On the fly adjustments and system controls
  • 1.5” onboard display
  • Five programmable user presets
  • Fast and easy setup due to modular and cross-system accessories, like the SAM plates (SAM-1, SAM-2, SAM-3, SAM-4)
features_maxima_operator benefits

© Yves Krier

Key technical values

  • 12 V high-capacity camera power
  • Focus power, Aux power, monitor power
  • D-tab out
  • Gold or V-Mound Mount battery mounts
  • HD SDI video lines
  • Mitchell, Euro mount adapter for standing applications
  • Top mount brackets for hanging applications and future brackets
features_maxima_key technical values

© Michael Trammer


I’ve used the MAXIMA from tripod mounted simple moves, to car mounts and compound moves, small lightweight cameras to an LF with a zoom lens; the MAXIMA performs flawlessly with easy setup and operation. It is actually exciting to use.

Cinematographer and MAXIMA operator Jimmy Matlosz (Known for: F.E.A.R., Vinyl Child, and many more) 

From extreme wind conditions, to being pulled and pushed on a rickshaw through a small spacecraft at full speed, the MAXIMA has risen to every challenge. Heads where turned and the image was spot on.

MAXIMA Operator Brice Reid (Known for: RED (assistant camera), Contraband (assistant camera), American Horror Story (assistant camera) and many more)


The MAXIMA handled the ALEXA 65 like no other gimbal system can – it was rock-solid, and it made a few jaws drop on set. The MAXIMA is a must-have for me.

MAXIMA Operator Onofrio Nino Pansini (Known for: Ford v Ferrari (Camera Operator), Black Panther (Camera Operator), Captain Marvel (Camera Operator), and many more)


The MAXIMA is easy to handle, you can change the setup so quickly and shots are totally stable… it’s a really reliable tool.

Cinematographer/MAXIMA Operator Holger Jungnickel (Known for: Limbo (cinematographer), Vaterfreuden (cinematographer unit b) and many more)


©Yves Krier