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Are you curious to explore how a professional studio space can revolutionize your company's content creation process?
In our insightful interview, the multimedia specialist from the IT company AFAS explains how a professional studio space for video productions and live events can be a powerful driver for business growth.
Gain firsthand knowledge on how corporations, like yours, can use this technology: 
- to learn about the the benefits of having in-house content 
- to produce responsive content for multiple platforms and purposes. 
- to enhance brand visibility and engagement
- to create more content quicker

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Jerome de Gerlach

Film director

"I have used ARRI cameras and lights in all types of projects, including advertisements, documentaries, feature films, purely artistic projects. ARRI cameras and lights excel in commercial projects, delivering an image near the final result directly on set. This aids client visualization, while ARRI LUTs ensure precision in imagery and rendering.”


William Ophalvens

Videographer Lead at Amazon

"I always have one Orbiter on set for product videography and photography. I like its versatility. When it comes to e-commerce, there are a ton of challenges, same as in any production (…) you can have the most precise sensor in the world, but if your lighting is not precise, you won’t deliver good results."

Oliver Maier cut

Oliver Maier, Cinematographer

Cinematographer Oliver Maier chose ARRI Signature Primes and Signature Zooms for this concept car spot. He used the 16-32 mm and 45-135 mm Signature Zooms, combined with the 15 mm and 200 mm Signature Primes.

“ARRI has provided a very good set of tools with their Signature Zooms, especially considering the fact that we are always looking for ways to make the technical, clean aspect of digital cinematography more organic, more approachable, and more tactile.”


Melvin Lee, City Harvest Church

Singapore’s City Harvest Church became the first in the Asia Pacific region to adopt the ARRI AMIRA Live System.

"We were looking to upgrade our existing setup to something that suits the needs of City Harvest Church. We wanted to achieve a cinematic look using our existing HFO system. Having a Super35 sensor on a broadcast fibre back has changed the way we do productions. The benefits of the system are many, like the high dynamic range, the sensitivity to lights and the overall look of the image, all of which have given us a huge boost in image quality."


Sidney Baucheron, Chief electrician

Sidney Baucheron relies on ARRI SkyPanels for his lighting installations on commercials and fashion shows for companies like YSL, L'Oréal, or Chanel.

"With the SkyPanel, you save a lot of installation time and electrical power. In addition, they offer this incredible possibility to choose with precision the color and intensity of the light. This is very important in advertising where many different colors are used. Here, you can select the color that exactly matches the brand’s universe. It’s a huge advantage in terms of creation. I can walk around with the iPad in my hand and quickly adjust the color and intensity of the SkyPanel. It has revolutionized the way we work."

Klaus Naumann (1)

Klaus Naumann

For the image film for Lufthansa Cargo, an ARRI ALEXA Mini LF and two Signature Zooms were used: the 16-32 mm and 24-75 mm.

"Due to their amazingly low weight, we were able to make all adjustments quickly and effectively with a gimbal and Segway or light crane. Time-consuming lens changes were unnecessary. The image quality of the ARRI Signature Zooms is outstanding, whether in skin tones, sharpness, or bokeh, it was ideal for achieving both close-ups and long shots in a very short time. With an aperture of T2.8, we were able to film into the darkness without any problems; an ingenious workflow for the highest demands that I would not want to do without in the future."

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