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Modular, upgradeable stabilizers

ARRI's artemis Cine Broadcast and EFP HD are highly modular and upgradable mechanical stabilizers. Available with a wide range of different ARRI CSS components and accessories, they cover the entire spectrum of today's film and television requirements.


The flexibility of the ARRI artemis systems allowed us to switch quickly between TRINITY and a regular Steadicam setup. Combined with the ALEXA Mini LF, we had a powerful tool kit and were ready for any challenge.

artemis and TRINITY Operator Thomas Schiller (Known for Barbarians, Das perfekte Geheimnis, and many more)

ARRI gear has a reputation for quality and craftsmanship, their stabilizers are fast to setup and reliable. Trusting my tools means I can concentrate on contributing creatively to a project and not having to constantly worry about troubleshooting as a technician.

Camera & Steadicam Operator: Glenn Clayton (Known for: I AM MOTHER (B-Camera & Steadicam Operator) , High Ground (ARRI Trinity Operator), Paper Champions (Steadicam Operator) and many more)