WCU-4 and External Radio Module, ERM-2400 LCS mounted on Camera and set up to use.

ERM-2400 LCS

External Radio Module

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Range Extender Solution

The ERM-2400 LCS radio module connects ARRI and cmotion hand units to cameras and motor controllers and extends an LCS, LBUS, EXT (CAN bus) cable connection over air.


Best overall production value

  • Long-range wireless link for ECS devices
  • Point-to-point only connection (only one hand unit connecting to one camera device)
  •  2.4 GHz spread spectrum for long range, robust radio connection
  • Typical range approx. 1.000 meters / 3.280 feet
  • Useful for big car chase sequences where the camera is rigged on a car


During a challenging Steadicam shot throughout multiple rooms of a house, the ERM’s robust and reliable connection provided secure lens control where wireless signals may otherwise be compromised. The ERM provided reliability and exceptional range to a lead vehicle whilst the camera was mounted on the bonnet of a car. As iris control with the OCU‑1, the ERM provides the DP with a clear and precise electronic iris scale, allowing smooth and accurate adjustments.

1st AC Pim Kulk (Known for: “Doctor Doctor” (Season 5) for Easy Tiger Productions and Nine Network Australia)

ERM-2400 is a Intelligent compatible connection for LCS,LBUS or EXT signal extend. More choose for Director, DP, DIT and first AC. Give you 1 kilometer distance readout of ultrasonic rangefinder, which is amazing!

1st AC Lee Huailin (Known for: Commercials)

ERM-2400 LCS for the first time on set: 1st AC Richard Copeman (Known for Blackbird, Anti Matter, Bridget Jones’s Baby, Jason Bourne, The Huntsman & the Ice Queen, Taking Stock, Dracula Untold and many more)



Two ERM 2400 LCS
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