The ARRI Stage in New York in use while filming and lighting all from ARRI.

ARRI Studio New York

A compact production environment with huge creative potential

Craft the next generation of commercial content

ARRI Studio New York is a state-of-the-art facility designed for corporate, advertising, and promotional production.

From impactful corporate keynotes to dynamic brand campaigns, immersive educational and training content to vibrant music videos, ARRI Studio New York serves as a virtual production studio offering the perfect setting for your production needs.

With a turnkey studio design, access to high-quality equipment, and in-house creative support, we make the virtual production experience seamless and cost-effective for the city’s commercial and production professionals.

Elevate your content and book your creative production space at ARRI Studio New York.

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Discover the advantages of virtual production

ARRI Studio New York enables customers to be in control of every aspect of the virtual production environment, by bringing our expertise in high-end LED volumes to commercial and corporate shoots.

  • Keep daylight and weather conditions consistent, or switch to a brand new location in a matter of moments.
  • Reduce costs and carbon footprint by eliminating the need for crew to travel to multiple locations.
  • Make informed decisions faster with real-time virtualization, maximizing your time on-set.
  • Encourage natural performances from talent within an immersive environment.
  • Retain brand consistency across shoots.

Cinematic quality for commercial productions

Access ARRI’s cutting-edge production solutions and services, optimized into the perfect configuration for fast-moving, short-form projects.

Cinematic quality

Powerful, personalized solutions

Benefit from ARRI Rental’s full inventory of high-end camera, lighting, and accessories, meeting all production needs under one roof.

Behind-the-scenes capture of Travis Taddeo operating a Trinity at ARRI Studio NY

Guidance at every step

ARRI's in-house technical expertise, and a turnkey studio configuration ensure a smooth entry point for successful shoots.

Crew members in action at ARRI Studio NY

On-set at ARRI Studio New York

David Kruta_quote

David Kruta, DP

“Each time I use virtual production, I fall in love with it a little bit more. Certain aspects of shooting are so much easier and faster, not to mention safer. With the image-based lighting system already in place we could not only incorporate graphics on the fly, but also create consistent, scene-specific lighting with the click of a mouse, making it simple to hit the ground running."

Asians and Allies

Chris Ungco, DP, and founder of Asians and Allies

“ARRI Studio New York is a beautiful facility. We utilized the LED wall to create a safe space for our community workshop. Its production space feels like a gathering place of limitless potential.”  

Duell Davis

Duell Davis, DP

“I had an awesome time shooting at ARRI Studio New York! It was especially useful to have ARRI Rental right down the hall, which made gear swaps and adjustments easy."

Night Coast (1)

Night Coast, Band/Talent

“It was amazing to utilize the technology in the studio and embrace the creative possibilities it offered. The Creative Producer helped bring our ideas to life and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. That LED wall is magic!”

Efficient studio design

Built around a curved LED wall with image-based lighting, ARRI Studio New York offers high quality production in 2D and 3D environments.

The studio is built around a curved LED wall from Absen (PL1.9 Pro) and offers integration of high-quality 2D plates and 3D environments for efficient virtual production, as well as traditional studio graphics and backdrops.

Image based lighting solution in place, utilizing industry-leading ARRI Orbiter and ARRI SkyPanel fixtures, creating dynamic, immersive experiences.

40’ x 60’ of overall production space, 12' height to full ceiling grid. Ground-floor access for easy loading access, and space for a live audience.

In-vision wall
Lighting design
Floor plans

Studio specifications

Studio dimensions

40’ x 60’ available production space. 12’ height to grid

LED wall

Absen PL1.9 Pro V10, 10x6 panel array. 9.8’ x 16.3’, 3o curvature

Pixel pitch: 1.95mm | Max Brightness: 1200 nits | 12-bit color depth

Effective resolution 2560 x 1536

Pre-rigged grid lighting

3 x ARRI Orbiter, 3 x ARRI L5-C Fresnel, 5 x ARRI SkyPanel S30-C, 3 x ARRI SkyPanel S60-C, 2 x ARRI SkyPanel S120-C

All fixtures wired for sACN/DMX control

Floor lighting (mobile)

2 x ARRI Orbiter

2 x ARRI SkyPanel S30-C

2 x ARRI L7-C Fresnel

Power distribution

200 A 3-phase 208v service (100A reserved for LED wall/grid

2 x 50’ 5-wire #2 AWG banded feeder cable – Camlocks

1 x 5-wire Camlock to 4x 19-pin Socapex + 3 x Edison Duplex Breakout Pagoda

1 x 5-wire Camlock to 3x 100A Stage Pin (Bates) + 3 x Edison Duplex Cinebox

3 x 100A Stage Pin to 5 x Edison Duplex ‘Bento Box’ Lunchbox

3 x 50’ 100A Stage Pin (Bates) Banded Cable

4 x 25’ 19-pin Socapex Extension Cable (2 pre-rigged to grid)

4 x 19-pin Socapex to 6 x Edison Breakout Cable (2 pre-rigged to grid)

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