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Powerful and versatile stage lighting

Why ARRI lights for theater?

Choose ARRI for exceptional service, warranty and uncompromising reliability and quality. Our state-of-the-art LED lights offer unparalleled control and connectivity, with a wide range of accessories available. With the Orbiter's unique color sensor mode and smooth dimming, you can match and adjust the light to perfectly complement your scene. Same with our iconic SkyPanel, providing perfect natural skin colors and bright light output. Rely on ARRI for your lighting needs!

Experience Compact Series for theater
Bring magic to the stage with SkyPanel
Guide your audience's attention with Orbiter

Bring your vision to life: choose ARRI lights for expertly designed theatrical lighting

The role of light in theater is to create more than just visibility, it is a powerful design tool that allows designers to manipulate light and shadow, to generate ambiance and atmosphere, and to elicit emotion from the audience. With options ranging from ARRI Compact Theater lampheads and LED stage lights to other professional theater lighting equipment, the possibilities for stunning theatrical productions are endless.

Each memory has its own lighting situation, each place in our life has a specific lighting situation, that - even if we are not consciously aware of it - creates an atmosphere that is bound tight to what we will remember of a certain moment. Thus each lighting situation on a stage, evokes personal memories and we correspond emotionally to what we see and hear.

- Lighting designer Annette ter Meulen

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Our range offers you many possibilities to create the perfect atmosphere, from ARRI Compact Theater fixtures to LED stage lighting. When it comes to theater light, we understand that choosing the right color temperature and light character is essential. That's why our products are designed to help you achieve your vision, interacting seamlessly with surfaces, costumes, and music to create a cohesive and immersive experience for your audience. Unleash your creativity, whether for a play, dance performance, concert, musical, or opera. We've got solutions to make your idea shine.


Experience ARRI Compact series for theater

ARRI has offered professional theater lighting solutions for over 30 years. Our Compact Theater series provides unparalleled daylight quality and power for theater lighting designers. Trust us to deliver the best beam quality and crisp, clear lighting to enhance your theatrical productions.

Well, I mean honestly, HMI light is the coolest light. I have to say that, plain and simple. I also don't know of any light that I would find comparable that has such incredible pressure and brilliance.

- Lighting designer Annette ter Meulen

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Bring magic to the stage with ARRI SkyPanel


I like to use the SkyPanels to create a ‘light cube’: a three-dimensional space lit evenly with a certain quality of light, defining the general atmosphere. Then, in order to build tension and guide the focus of the audience, I add single specific light sources that contrast with the light cube.

- Lighting designer Annette ter Meulen

Homogeneous and flexible top light

ARRI SkyPanels are versatile and an excellent choice for top lights. The internal gel library features more than 300 Lee and Rosco gels, providing almost endless color possibilities. With the Extended Color Control, color mixing is even more flexible for quick and easy application. You can also create immersive designs with seamless color gradients and a gentle fall-off that offers homogeneous and graceful blending of light, suitable for any compact stage lighting.

Smooth dimming with SkyPanel's Stage Mode

Live performances and theatrical shows necessitate smooth and natural lighting transitions that can dim to zero without any sudden changes in color or intensity, ensuring a pleasant experience for the audience. The latest SkyPanel Firmware, version 4, introduces a new feature called Stage Mode, which is tailored to meet these requirements.

This feature expands the possibilities of using SkyPanel in live entertainment, as it enables dimming down to zero with seamless and uninterrupted transitions, yet no noticeable color shifts or loss of intensity.

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Guide your audience's attention with Orbiter


By letting you control the direction and intensity of the light, we help you guide your audience's attention to where it needs to be.

Utilize Orbiter's Fresnel and Projections Optics to provide a precise guide light from either the top, front, or side.


The ARRI Spectra light engine incorporated within the Orbiter produces superior white light and a wide range of saturated or tinted colors, making it a standout option amongst its competitors in the theater and live entertainment industry. With its output, it provides significantly brighter LED stage lighting, ideal for live productions and theatrical shows. Its exceptional beam quality produces clear, circular light that can be modified using gobos, cutters, snoots, and irises, making it an affordable and compact stage lighting option. As a professional theater lighting tool, Orbiter is equipped with all the necessary features required for live shows, and is ideal for use in the theater industry.

Orbiter's powerful Lighting Operating System LiOS offers you many possibilities for theater-specific customizations:

  • Eight color modes including CCT, HSI, X/Y gel, and easy source matching
  • With Orbiter's integrated color sensor you can easily match different lighting sources to have the same white point
  • Fantastic low-end dimming is crucial for an immersive experience: Orbiter's dimming capability from 100% – 0% allows for a smooth fade over a long time
  • Benefit from various network options including DMX, RDM, and Art-Net
  • LiOS: always state-of-the-art software with fast, easy firmware updates
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