Orbiter Projection Optics

Even. Precise. Brilliant.

Orbiter Projection Optics

The Orbiter Projection Optics 25° and 35° provide unparalleled precision in every detail allowing for crisp projection of a light spot, as well as immaculate gobo projection and precise shutter cuts. The field of light is entirely even and without color aberration. The projection has no visible hot spot or drop to the edge and the depth of field is outstanding.

Orbiter Projection Optic 25° - L2.0033549
Orbiter Projection Optic 35° - L2.0033550

  • Four manually adjustable shutter blades produce a beam where the shutter blade cut projection and the beam’s edge are simultaneously in sharp focus
  • Motorized focus adjustment
  • Focus control locally or remotely
  • Standard B-size metal or glass gobo can be added
  • Effortless mounting thanks to Orbiter’s QLM system
  • Can be attached to any Orbiter color version

Tech Specs


Optical Performance

Orbiter Projection Optics are truly second to none, outperforming all competitor projection optics and dedicated profile fixtures. And while the Orbiter Docking Ring allows third-party optics that customers may already own to be used on the Orbiter, such combinations can only ever be as good as those third-party optics. Compared to the quality of ARRI’s own optics, this will inevitably mean a compromise in quality. If you want outstanding optical performance in every aspect, with no brown/blue shadow or edge at any focus, almost no chromatic aberration, and simultaneous sharpness of any shutter blades at any angle, then the Orbiter Projection Optics should be your first choice.

Industry Standard Projection Optic
Orbiter Projection Optic

Application possibilities


Mounting & Accessories

Orbiter’s unique Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) system allows the Projection Optics to be mounted safely and quickly but still enabling a 90° rotation. The LiOS2 update ensures an automatic recognition of this new optic and its latest feature, Optics Auto Adjust, offers 100% color stability with any focus and any optic. The optic’s cooling fan can be controlled via Orbiter’s Light Control setting through the Control Panel. Every Projection Optic is shipped with the dedicated Goboholder.



Order information

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