A glance at the set up process of a mobile, rented virtual production stage, managed by ARRI.

Mobile Virtual Production Stages

Empowering your production, anywhere your vision takes you

Bring accessible, affordable virtual production to you

ARRI's mobile virtual production solutions enable filmmakers and content creators to harness our cutting-edge expertise, with versatile, temporary stages that can be installed and operated anywhere in the world.  

Whether you’re producing corporate content, commercials, or a large-scale event, our modular approach ensures your mobile stage is customized to meet your specific production requirements, with accredited workflows that will deliver stunning image quality. 

Our flexible solutions are designed to not only spark creativity, but also provide a strategic edge, allowing you to base your project in locations offering the most effective production incentives.

Behind the scenes of a take in which the LED wall of a rented virtual production stage is used as a cities skyline.

Explore new horizons

Transport your audience to a multitude of worlds. All from a location that makes the most of your production budget

Portable and powerful mobile stages

Easy transportation and set-up, installed by ARRI Solutions and our trusted partners anywhere in the world. Bring the stage to your crew, allowing virtual and traditional studio shoots to run from the same location.

Feature-packed to empower your production

  • Tailored to your needs

    A practical, user-friendly configuration allows for customization to suit various production scales, budgets, and requirements, from intimate scenes to large-scale sequences. 

  • Stunning image quality

    ARRI’s industry-leading camera and lighting systems are combined with cutting-edge workflows optimized to deliver the most authentic and high-quality images.

  • Control and consistency

    An intuitive interface empowers directors and producers to exert precise control over physical and digital elements, streamlining the creative process.

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