Camera & Workflow

"We've got you covered"

The minute you think about using an ARRI camera for your next project, our work begins. To facilitate a hassle-free shoot, we offer software and online tools that simplify your preproduction planning, help you get familiar with our cameras, assist you in the creation of a frame line, and let you test whether specific lenses will cover your desired image area. And you can do all this from home, before you even lay hands on the camera gear.

The best overall image quality. That’s the promise tied to our cameras - a promise that is relevant not just to the shoot itself, but also to postproduction: the best overall image quality delivered through an ARRI workflow that makes postproduction as easy as possible.

Whether you want to record uncompressed ARRIRAW, or one of the Apple ProRes codecs, we make sure that support is in place for your postproduction pipeline. ARRI files and workflows are used and accepted throughout the industry, and we are in continual collaboration with leading postproduction hardware and software developers to ensure compatibility with their latest tools, from the moment they are released.

ARRI also offers its own software solutions for postproduction: ARRIRAW processing, access to recording metadata, and look file creation and extraction – all possible through ARRI tools. Free of charge.