On set of "ALEXA LF faces"

Camera & Workflow Solutions

From Pre- to Post-Production

The minute you think about using an ARRI camera for your next project – that’s where we start:
To provide a hassle-free shoot, we offer (online) tools that help with general considerations, aid with learning our cameras, assist when you need to create a frame line or wonder whether the lens covers the desired image area.

Our look library helps with first decisions towards the look and feel of your movie and since each look can be fine-tuned to your vision via simple CDL adjustments the potential is limitless!

The best overall image quality. That’s the promise tied to our cameras. A promise not only to the production side of things, but also to postproduction: the best overall image quality in an easy and hassle-free way to make postproduction as easy as possible.

That means to have options in production: do you want to record high quality, uncompressed and unencrypted ARRIRAW or are you on a tighter budget that asks for top grade compressed recording in Apple ProRes codecs?

In any case we make sure the postproduction pipeline is available and “ARRI files” are being accepted in industry standard software the best possible way. That is not always an easy task because each company has their own agenda, so we need to deliver our software development kit before the respective product launches to our partners to ensure they have enough lead time to add our new bits and pieces to their products.

ARRI also offers its own software solutions for postproduction: ARRIRAW processing, access to recording metadata and look file creation/extraction – all possible through ARRI tools. Free of charge.