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Motor Controllers

AMC-1, EMC-1, SMC-1

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Compact and sleek

Three mini motor controllers provide optimal solutions for wireless setups where size and weight matter: the Single Motor Controller SMC-1, the ENG Motor Controller EMC-1 and the Active Motor Controller AMC-1.


Active Motor Controller AMC-1


- Compact motor controller with an LBUS interface connecting to up to three daisy-chained cforce motors.

- Works with Hi‑5, WCU‑4, SXU-1, Master Grips and cmotion pan-bar zoom.

ENG Motor Controller EMC-1


- Motor Controller for use with ENG-type lenses such as Fujinon Cabrio zooms.

- Controls the integrated focus, iris, and zoom motors of such ENG lenses and provides lens data for display on the Hi‑5 and WCU‑4 hand unit.

- Works with Hi‑5, WCU‑4, SXU-1, Master Grips and cmotion pan-bar zoom.

Single Motor Controller SMC-1


- Compact 1-axis wireless motor controller designed for weight and size-critical setups such as Steadicam or camera drones.

- Drives a single CLM motor and is the perfect counterpart for the SXU-1 single-axis hand unit.

- Also works with Hi‑5, WCU‑4, Master Grips and cmotion pan-bar zoom.


WCU‑4 or SXU-1 + EMC-1 + Servo Zoom lens

WCU‑4 or SXU-1 + SMC-1 + CLM motor

WCU‑4 or SXU-1 + AMC-1 + cforce mini/plus motor

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