Franz Wieser Grant

Camera and lighting equipment support for qualified US-based productions

The Franz Wieser Grant program is currently on pause as part of a restructure and redesign that will allow us to come back stronger and further improve our commitment to the filmmaking community. Stay tuned for updates.

In 2013, ARRI launched a grant program for US-based productions to help foster new talent and allow underrepresented voices to be heard. Formerly known as AMIRA grant, later renamed to Franz Wieser grant, we supported over 25 projects by providing camera and lighting equipment for feature films, TV pilots, documentaries, shorts, and still photography projects. Last year we recognized the need to revisit the program, and made necessary changes to extend our commitment to the filmmaking community. 

About Franz Wieser:

Franz Wieser grew up in Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany.  Starting with an internship doing market research in the early 90s, moving on in his role becoming the Marketing Manager, he worked his way up to Vice President of Marketing during the last 25 years.

Franz Wieser was a significant force behind the industry transition from film to the digital age. One of Franz’s other major achievements was greenlighting the original AMIRA Grant program. Franz passed away in 2019, but his legacy will continue to bring positive change.

What is new?

Starting in 2021, new media projects, live performance, PSA, and livestream have been added as eligible formats for the grant support.

Application Process

  • Whether you are an experienced filmmaker or just starting out, you can apply for the grant sponsorship for ARRI camera systems and lighting products. 

  • Download documents.

    We encourage you to include as many details as possible to give us the complete picture of who is behind the project, what it is about, your visual style and timeline. 
    Share your vision with us! 

    The application process is open all year. 

  • Our focus is on unique stories and diverse filmmakers. We recommend including all required documents and carefully reviewing the guidelines before submitting your request. If you have any questions, reach out to us at:

    The selection process is conducted all year round. 

A selection of past participants - Have a look

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‘‘Kingdom of Strangers‘‘

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"One Last Night in Austin, Texas"

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"Ms. Purple"


"La Ruta"

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"Hot Latin Nights at the Granada"

Elwod Takes a Lover

"Elwood Takes a Lover"

Rocket poster


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