People looking at two screens of the DTI cart on a low-lit movie set


Let's cover the workflow basics!

In 2010, when we introduced the first ALEXA camera and its “direct-to-edit” workflow, HD and 2K were the most common formats. Since then, a lot of things in the ALEXA family have evolved. In 2022, we unveiled a new 4.6K sensor in the ALEXA 35, with higher dynamic range and REVEAL Color Science bringing more possibilities on set and in post.

We will continue to develop the ecosystem around our cameras to support cinematographers, operators, DITs, assistants, and you - our customers - in every way that we can. To stay up to date with ARRI workflows, the first place to look is here on our website, where we offer a wealth of information for everyone to browse.

In case you want to get a training form the ground up for a certain camera, product or even topic (e.g. HDR), please head over to the ARRI Academy.